Monday, June 21, 2010

I Don't Usually: Dress Mr. Polar Bear

Really! I'm not that girl (not that there is anything wrong with that). But apparently, I AM that fiancee. Or, I am that bridezilla, if you're feelin' nasty.

So, here's the sitch. Mr. Polar Bear dresses pretty well on his own. When I first met him (which no, I don't remember when I exactly met him, sheesh, it's just a figurative expression here OK?), he liked to rock some jeans, a button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up...and a tie. On every day occasions. He looked cute and a little bit eccentric, and it's one of the reasons why I liked him.

Now he dresses pretty much the same, except no tie. He has to wear a suit to work, and in his free time he wears raggedy jeans that are too big, and button down shirts, and occasionally a funny t-shirt or a musically influenced t-shirt.

He looks kinda pissed here huh? He hates camping.

He knows I like him to wear a polo shirt, so he will wear one approximately six time a year.

Looking through my photos, I noticed he mostly wears the polo shirt
on special occasions, for instance, when I got my Master's degree in Social Work.

The times I have helped dress him have been for Halloween and costume parties. One year we went as Amy Winehouse and her boyfriend Blake (I still cannot believe he did this). One time I suggested he be Dumbledore, but he put the costume together himself. And then there was the 80s party....

Not sure why we look so angry here.

But the one time I really put the smack down on clothes was for the e-pics. As previously mentioned, his jeans are pretty raggedy...the hems are totally gone, and they are holey. So we went to Nordstroms (aka denim mecca). Luckily, they were having their big Men's Sale and some metrosexual salesman really helped us out big time. Mr. Polar Bear walked away with 3 pair of well fitting jeans...and a new, blue polo shirt! I think he's excited about the jeans, and mostly got the shirt to oblige me. Now he's all ready for our engagement shoot tomorrow!

Too bad I nixed my e-pic outfit and am making a last minute change! I'll let you know about that when I, um, figure out what I'm wearing!

Do you dress your significant other, and if so, how does he/she feel about it?

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  1. ok i LOVE your posts! They are very funny and sound exactly like you. the pictures will be great! i can not wait to see them. just try to look relaxed. and tell jim to smile.
    love you!
    ~sister pb.