Friday, May 27, 2011

I Never Liked the Taste of Crow...

Occasionally, I am wrong. Not often, not sometimes, in fact, it's pretty rare. But occasionally, I am wrong.

As a blogger, I try to stay away from sweeping generalizations or being too extreme. I mean, I stay true to what I like, think, and believe...but I might temper it as to be more reader friendly. One time I said I hated those mustaches on a stick, and surprisingly, nothing bad happened to me. Although now I've gone and said it again, so maybe I'm really pushing my luck. [Although I've got to admit, if anyone can pull off a mustache on a stick it is the lovely and ohsocool Mrs. Sloth. For reals.]

Anyways, there's another thing I never really understood about weddings.

 Image via

I mean, what the hell y'all. It's an overpriced scrap of usually cheap, scratchy lace and a cheapo fake satin ribbon. Maybe there is a plastic charm strung on there. No one sees it, unless you choose to participate in the garter toss, where your partner reaches under your dress, in front of everyone you know and God, removes the overpriced lace and satin thing, and flings it to the unmarried men who are gathered in the room. No judgment.

I just don't get it. And, I never saw a garter where I thought "Oh my gawd, I just have to have that immediately!"

Until, I did. And then I realized that a garter is, in fact, jewelry for your leg. Which is, frankly, brilliant. Wanna see what made me change my mind?

These are just from one etsy shop...I'm scared to research more because I'm already overwhelmed with such lovely, unique choices! Now, I want an assortment of garters, so I can wear one anytime I'm getting dressed up! I have done a complete turnaround. I admit it, I was wrong!

I never liked the taste of crow, but baby, I ate it.*
 Image via Nashville Scene

Were you ever vehemently anti-something and then did a 180? I'll share my crow with you!

*Lyric from The Band Perry's song You Lie

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Do It Yourself vs. Delegate

I don't think of myself as some obsessive compulsive, detail focused, perfectionistic b-word (you could insert the traditional b-word here, or the wedding related b-word...they both work), but maybe I am. Or maybe everyone* else just sucks.

I'm referring to wedding related tasks and actually accomplishing wedding related tasks. Seems like I am doing a lot, which yes, I mostly enjoy...but...others say they will do certain tasks and then...nothing.

My hypothesis is: I'm awesome and do things best, and everyone* else just sucks. Can you have a two pronged hypothesis? I should have read Miss Pony's scientific post more carefully....

Here's the pro - con list that will count as this completely unbiased experimental design.

Do It Yourself Myself
  1. The task gets done.
  2. The task gets done correctly, or, well, close enough.
  3. The task gets done in the time frame I planned.
  4. If the task doesn't get done, I just blame myself.  (This is a pro and a con.)
  1. I feel resentful that I am doing everything.
  2. If the task doesn't get done, I just blame myself. (See? Pro and con!)
  1. Someone else, X, does it! Mr. Magic, a parent, a friend...yay!
  1. X might not do it. Like, ever.
  2. If X does it, it might not be right.
  3. If X does it, it might take 27x as long, which causes me to:
    1. Give lots of reminders. That's annoying to everyone involved...especially me but especially X.
    2. Feel bitter.
    3. Go insane(r).
    4. Expend mental energy remembering that it is on my To Do List but I can't check it off until X does it.
      1. Feel bitter.
      2. Go even more insane(r).
Seems like, obviously, it is easier to just do it (all) myself. I feel so satisfied and yet so unsatisfied with my discovery!

Do you delegate? Is it easier just to do it yourself?

*If you were wondering if "everyone" includes you, it most likely does not...unless you agreed to do a task and did not do it. Then, yeah, it most likely does.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Repurposing Vintage Finds

I have some vintage like furniture hanging out around our house, and I’m thinking it could make itself useful at our wedding. Like this!

Now, this furniture happens to be a hodgepodge of colors, so I guess I need to decide if we’re gonna paint it or just leave it as is. I started repainting one of these pieces years ago, by removing the knobs and sanding it down. But then I got tired and had to go lie on the couch and eat some Velveeta shells & cheese and watch Harry Potter. Now three years later, it looks like this:

This was my grandpa’s dresser, and is currently in our kitchen. It clearly needs to be repainted, right? I think it’d look awesome as our cake and brownie buffet table!
This could be our guest book table…
This could be a bench by our fireplace…

And this could be the table that holds our programs, outside by our ceremony site.
Our venue is kind of dark itself, with the wood barn-y thing going on, but the look we are going for is bright and airy and festive and awesome. So I was thinking about painting them white, and using this fabric as a runner.
 You know, without Smizza. Also, this is the same fabric I used to make our button napkin rings
And, I got these orange knobs on sale and used my 15% Anthropologie birthday discount coupon. I may have bought some clothes too. Why though, is the birthday coupon only 15%? That's lame. Do you hear me Anthro? 20% is a real deal...15% is just meh.

What do you think?
Paint the furniture white, that will look so fun with the bright fabric and orange knobs!
Leave it as is, painting is too much work.
I’ll tell you what I really think below….

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Raleigh-Durham Meet Up!

Time for a bee meet up in North Cackalacky!!!

 Image via Social Wayne
Join Mrs. Lamb, Mrs. Cola, and myself on June 4th at 7pm at the Busy Bee in Raleigh. I know, it's the perfect location, right?!? They even have an upstairs / outdoor area called The Hive and a delicious drink known as a Bee Sting. For real, it is yum-my!
Aerial shot of The Hive via Examiner

Hope to see some local bees there!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Might Never Plan a Wedding Again

As you may have read, I’m worried our wedding will become a lukewarm mess, with semi-interesting aspects that come together to leave our guests feeling meh
Image via Wikipedia
I fear our ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and yes, even the details, will leave our guests almost cold. Or they’ll think it’s too busy, too crowded with a plethora of details and a spectrum of flair. Too cramped with poms and chalkboards, buttons and bunting, pumpkins and brownies. Is that possible?
Mostly, I am concerned about disappointing myself. I’ll be so pissed if all this time and effort and energy results in a lackluster look. Like, seriously pissed. I might never plan a wedding again if that happens.
Here's the latest inspiration boards I have developed....

The ceremony...
Top left, clockwise: Ceremony set up via Tipi Living Retreat, our actual ceremony tree, poms via Project Wedding, and pumpkins via Yet Another Fall Bio

The reception tables and centerpieces...

Top left, clockwise: glinen linen personal photo, button napkin rings personal photo, milk glass vases photo by Blue Castle Photography via Pizazz! Florals Blog, pink chalkboard frame via flickr, milk glass on a tree stump via LYOU

The bridesmaids...
Sangria colored dress via David's Bridal, J. Crew navy cardigan via Shopstyle, super cute clutches by EmersonMade via Aisle Candy
Add in some bunting, some vintage furniture, cake and s'mores and brownies, some colorful soda and some stripey straws and maybe some yard games and a petting zoo...ok, ok, I'm kidding about the petting zoo. But add in all those other things, and maybe subtract the pumpkins, and what do you think?

Is it hot or is it not?*

Line from a song in one of my fave 80s movies...anyone?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Lukewarm Mess is the Worst

Being engaged for a long time has its pluses and minuses. The pluses are that we I have more time to plan, more time to gather inspiration, and more time to save money. The minuses are that I have more time to plan and change my mind, more time to gather inspiration that is different (better?) than the inspiration of last week, and more time to spend money.

It’s six in one hand and a half dozen in the other. Or, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Or... well, I'm sure there is some saying that actually works well here, but really, a long engagement is both a blessing and a curse.

My original inspiration board was nixed by Mr. M for being a bit too country, and looking back I don’t know what the hell I was thinking. Hay bale furniture is cute, but not really us.

Image via The Dessy Group

Then we decided we would have some tree elements woven throughout the wedding, so I created this board:
From top left, clockwise: montage of beribboned trees via London Bride, my ceremony tree photo, tree guestbook via Jennifer J Designs, Mrs. Sand Dollar’s guest bench, ceremony set-up via Tipi Living Retreat, tree inspiration via The Never

I created a third inspiration board and while it's pretty cool, I just don’t think it captures all of the wedding inspiration that is currently residing inside my brain....
Starting at top left: pumpkin lined aisle image via Yet Another Fall Bio, cake table image via CaChic Designs, milkglass centerpiece via Mrs. Stripes, love pumpkin via Masterpiece Pumpkins, tree and outdoor fireplace are personal photos from our venue venue, color scheme, chalkboard signs via A Mountain Bride, boutonniere via Kiss the Bride, colorful soda via Project Wedding, s'mores bar via Cookie Creatives, bridesmaids in cardigans photo by Cameron Ingalls via Homegrown
In fact, I think if I created an inspiration board of the ideas and images that I want to incorporate into our big day, the inspiration board would be enormous. Like, as big as a barn.
I want to make sure that all these elements in my mind go together to create a meaningful, lovely, fun wedding, but I don't know how to do that. Sometimes things look great in my mind, but then in reality it's a disaster. I'm worried the elements are going to clash, and the whole thing is gonna look like a hot mess. Or a lukewarm mess. That's the worst.

So, I’ve decided to create multiple inspiration boards that depict different aspects of the wedding, and your job, dear hive, is to let me know if the boards, when combined together, look like magical awesomeness or a lukewarm mess. But until do you make sure your wedding look is awesome and cohesive?

Monday, May 9, 2011

I Never Can Predict...

I never can predict what it is Mr. Magic will have an opinion about or not.

Me: Hey honey, do you care what kind of cake topper we get?

Mr. M: What?

Me: [exasperated, because I hate to repeat myself] I said, do you care what kind of cake topper we get?

Mr. M: Well yeah, I don't want something stupid.

Me: OK, so do you want, like, a mini us on there?

Mr. M: No, something else.

Me: OK, what about [types "bunting wedding cake topper" into search engine] this?

Photo by Scott Clark / Image via 100 Layer Cake

Mr. M: What is that? Is that even a cake? I don't like that.

Me: OK, what about this then. [pulls up original idea I was lusting after] They can make them look just like us!!!

Image via etsy store lollipop workshop

Mr. M: Sure, that's fine.

Me: It's kinda expensive though.....

Mr. M: How much?

Me: [really quietly] like, one hundred and seventy five dollars

Mr. M: Seventy five dollars?

Me: [exasperated because I hate repeating myself] NO, ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS.

Mr. M: [very matter of fact like] That is outrageous.

Me: It's one of a kind! It's custom made! It's handcrafted! It will look JUST LIKE US!

This was actually a humorous conversation, to me, and I wasn't really all that exasperated, although I do really, really dislike repeating myself. But isn't it funny what our significant others choose to care about? I really can never, ever tell what will make his list, and truthfully, I don't think he really cares what is on our long as it isn't "stupid."

Has your significant other had an opinion about things that surprised you?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Latest Obsession

There are some aspects of wedding planning I am not that into. Like, the hard parts. I don't really feel like picking out a florist and the honeymoon, while fun to think about, seems really daunting (and freakin' expensive!) to plan, so I'd rather just ignore that right now.

Instead, I am using my tried and true method of making myself feel productive even when I am not getting anything meaningful accomplished. Like, you know, on days when you have to do laundry, and clean out your really extraordinarily messy car, and go exercise, and weed the garden, but you don't really feel motivated at all, so you put things like Take a Shower and Starbucks on your to do list, just so you can feel like you completed a task or two?

Wait, you don't do that? And your car's not extraordinarily messy??? It's just me? Oh.

Well, anyways, from my last post you may have predicted that my latest obsession is buttons. They are really freakin' easy to make, plus I have a ton of fabric to continue making them. I already made buttons for the napkin rings, so I needed to find other projects that involved buttons. Here is a sampling for your viewing pleasure!

Button Boutonnieres
This kinda kills two birds with one stone, now doesn't it? If I make button bouts, that eliminates the need for boutonnieres from the florist, thereby decreasing the florist bill, which is the reason I am avoiding the florist in the first place! I am sooooooooooo smart.

I am not a crafting goddess, but even I think I can create these button boutonnieres.
Button Seating Cards
Our guests might want to be part of the fun too, and why shouldn't they? Everyone wants a little flair on their outfit, although maybe not as much flair as Princess Beatrice displayed at the royal wedding.

One way we could accomplish this is by attaching buttons to the seating cars. This first example has the person's name on the button, which is attached to a card that tells the person where to sit. This is kinda cute, because then people will know each others' names, which is awesome, especially for this bride who has an awful memory.
 Image via We Heart It

Here's another example, where the different buttons match the variety of napkins on the tables.
Image via 100 Layer Cake / Photo by Max Wanger

These actually aren't buttons, just fabric circles, but they could be buttons - so cute!

Buttons as Decor
Buttons can be used to decorate favor boxes or bags....
Image via Design Sponge

...or as a garland! How freakin' cute is this???

A button table runner!

Even buttons in a jar are cute!
Image via Flickr

Do you think my procrastination has a practical or pretty purpose...or do I need to buckle down and focus on the basics...not the buttons?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Me and Martha are on the Same Page

Me and Martha Stewart are like so totally on the same page. Today she sent me an email (we're tight like that) all about how you can use buttons in your ceremony. And I was all like "Thanks Martha, but I'm totally one step ahead of you."
OK, I'm not gonna lie. I think buttons are cute, I guess, but normally I just throw away the extra ones that come with a blouse. Because if I don't throw them away, they just end up all lonely in their tiny plastic bags, lost in the bottom of some drawer. So now I just toss them, and find solace in the fact that allllllllll the buttons are ending up in the same spot - erm, the landfill.
Hmm. That's depressing.
Anyway, recently I was literally freaking OUT over napkins. It turned into this big existential crisis where I drank too much red wine, beat my head against the worn couch pillows, and wondered what "it" all meant. "It" being wedding planning, tsunamis, poverty, autism, circuses, Black Swan, hot and cold water molecules, and that whole Elder Wand thing in Harry Potter.
One Google search later for "wedding diy napkin rings" and I was back to normal and completing perhaps the best, ok, most easiest DIY wedding project EV-ER. 
Fabric Covered Button Napkin Rings. Ooohhhhhhhh. Aaahhhhhhhhhh.
Image via Once Wed
Steps to making ridiculously simply easy & fun fabric covered buttons
1. Get yo' buttons. Just get a few to practice with to see if you can do it (you can!) and if you like the result (hello, it’s a fabric covered button, of course you will!). 
 Dritz Cover Buttons image via Create For Less
I like size 60 which is a button about 1 1/2 inches in diameter.
In one pack you will get two button fronts, two button backs, a white rubber mold, a blue pusher thingy, and a template. 

2. Get some fabric. Ask all your friends and family for fabric scraps…I bet someone has a ton they can give you for free! Or, buy some super cute fabric. Use a coupon, because of course you are like, so thrifty.

2. Get some fabric. Ask all your friends and family for fabric scraps…I bet someone has a ton they can give you for free! Or, buy some super cute fabric. Use a coupon, because of course you are like, so thrifty.

3. Wash and iron the fabric. Fold it over. Put the template down width ways (eh?) like so…
Again, this is the size 60 button template, so we are making buttons 1 1/2" wide. So the circle we cut will end up being 3 inches across. Why? I don't know...because it needs extra fabric to fold over onto the back of the button. Just trust me.

3. Use your rotary cutter and plastic ruler cutting guide thingy to cut a strip. If you don't have a rotary cutter, go get one will change your life. And cut. Then cut some more strips, just for good measure.

4. Fold the fabric strip in half so it is long and skinny, also known as 1 1/2" wide now, instead of 3" wide. Place the flat end of the template against the folded edge, and start cutting circles - remember, it does not have to be perfect!
Time saving tip: Put several pieces of fabric together and cut. Since the edges will be folded over in the end, (say it with me now!) it doesn’t have to be perfect! My favorite kind of project.
5. Take the white rubbery button mold. Push a piece of fabric into it, with the good side face down and the bad side facing you.
 This is the good side facing up, obv, so flip it over and push it down, like so.

6. Push the button front into the mold.

7.  Fold the fabric over and then push the button back in.
 8. Use the blue thingy to push down and pop the button back into the button front.

9. Pull the button out and marvel at it. “Wow, so easy, it’s a magical button!”

Then make like 100 more without sweating at all. Seriously, it took way longer to take photos and write out all the steps in the blog post than it did to make the buttons.

If you're gonna make a bunch of buttons, I'd recommend ordering them wholesale, as they are much more affordable that way. Just do a search for "cover buttons" and you will find many sellers.
So, now that I have these buttons...I need to figure out what color ribbon to use. And what color napkins. And also, what else I can use buttons for!
I didn't know I was Button Bride but apparently I am! Have you gotten sucked into a DIY project because it was so fun and easy and just couldn't stop?