Sunday, May 22, 2011

Repurposing Vintage Finds

I have some vintage like furniture hanging out around our house, and I’m thinking it could make itself useful at our wedding. Like this!

Now, this furniture happens to be a hodgepodge of colors, so I guess I need to decide if we’re gonna paint it or just leave it as is. I started repainting one of these pieces years ago, by removing the knobs and sanding it down. But then I got tired and had to go lie on the couch and eat some Velveeta shells & cheese and watch Harry Potter. Now three years later, it looks like this:

This was my grandpa’s dresser, and is currently in our kitchen. It clearly needs to be repainted, right? I think it’d look awesome as our cake and brownie buffet table!
This could be our guest book table…
This could be a bench by our fireplace…

And this could be the table that holds our programs, outside by our ceremony site.
Our venue is kind of dark itself, with the wood barn-y thing going on, but the look we are going for is bright and airy and festive and awesome. So I was thinking about painting them white, and using this fabric as a runner.
 You know, without Smizza. Also, this is the same fabric I used to make our button napkin rings
And, I got these orange knobs on sale and used my 15% Anthropologie birthday discount coupon. I may have bought some clothes too. Why though, is the birthday coupon only 15%? That's lame. Do you hear me Anthro? 20% is a real deal...15% is just meh.

What do you think?
Paint the furniture white, that will look so fun with the bright fabric and orange knobs!
Leave it as is, painting is too much work.
I’ll tell you what I really think below….

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  1. I kinda like the colors the furniture is..I think thats what gives it the vintagy feel..but how would you get it all to your venue?? If your venue is kind of rustic and dark like you say, I think the furniture will fit perfectly!

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