Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Latest Obsession

There are some aspects of wedding planning I am not that into. Like, the hard parts. I don't really feel like picking out a florist and the honeymoon, while fun to think about, seems really daunting (and freakin' expensive!) to plan, so I'd rather just ignore that right now.

Instead, I am using my tried and true method of making myself feel productive even when I am not getting anything meaningful accomplished. Like, you know, on days when you have to do laundry, and clean out your really extraordinarily messy car, and go exercise, and weed the garden, but you don't really feel motivated at all, so you put things like Take a Shower and Starbucks on your to do list, just so you can feel like you completed a task or two?

Wait, you don't do that? And your car's not extraordinarily messy??? It's just me? Oh.

Well, anyways, from my last post you may have predicted that my latest obsession is buttons. They are really freakin' easy to make, plus I have a ton of fabric to continue making them. I already made buttons for the napkin rings, so I needed to find other projects that involved buttons. Here is a sampling for your viewing pleasure!

Button Boutonnieres
This kinda kills two birds with one stone, now doesn't it? If I make button bouts, that eliminates the need for boutonnieres from the florist, thereby decreasing the florist bill, which is the reason I am avoiding the florist in the first place! I am sooooooooooo smart.

I am not a crafting goddess, but even I think I can create these button boutonnieres.
Button Seating Cards
Our guests might want to be part of the fun too, and why shouldn't they? Everyone wants a little flair on their outfit, although maybe not as much flair as Princess Beatrice displayed at the royal wedding.

One way we could accomplish this is by attaching buttons to the seating cars. This first example has the person's name on the button, which is attached to a card that tells the person where to sit. This is kinda cute, because then people will know each others' names, which is awesome, especially for this bride who has an awful memory.
 Image via We Heart It

Here's another example, where the different buttons match the variety of napkins on the tables.
Image via 100 Layer Cake / Photo by Max Wanger

These actually aren't buttons, just fabric circles, but they could be buttons - so cute!

Buttons as Decor
Buttons can be used to decorate favor boxes or bags....
Image via Design Sponge

...or as a garland! How freakin' cute is this???

A button table runner!

Even buttons in a jar are cute!
Image via Flickr

Do you think my procrastination has a practical or pretty purpose...or do I need to buckle down and focus on the basics...not the buttons?

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