Monday, May 9, 2011

I Never Can Predict...

I never can predict what it is Mr. Magic will have an opinion about or not.

Me: Hey honey, do you care what kind of cake topper we get?

Mr. M: What?

Me: [exasperated, because I hate to repeat myself] I said, do you care what kind of cake topper we get?

Mr. M: Well yeah, I don't want something stupid.

Me: OK, so do you want, like, a mini us on there?

Mr. M: No, something else.

Me: OK, what about [types "bunting wedding cake topper" into search engine] this?

Photo by Scott Clark / Image via 100 Layer Cake

Mr. M: What is that? Is that even a cake? I don't like that.

Me: OK, what about this then. [pulls up original idea I was lusting after] They can make them look just like us!!!

Image via etsy store lollipop workshop

Mr. M: Sure, that's fine.

Me: It's kinda expensive though.....

Mr. M: How much?

Me: [really quietly] like, one hundred and seventy five dollars

Mr. M: Seventy five dollars?

Me: [exasperated because I hate repeating myself] NO, ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS.

Mr. M: [very matter of fact like] That is outrageous.

Me: It's one of a kind! It's custom made! It's handcrafted! It will look JUST LIKE US!

This was actually a humorous conversation, to me, and I wasn't really all that exasperated, although I do really, really dislike repeating myself. But isn't it funny what our significant others choose to care about? I really can never, ever tell what will make his list, and truthfully, I don't think he really cares what is on our long as it isn't "stupid."

Has your significant other had an opinion about things that surprised you?

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  1. Bahaha! That sounds like one of the many wedding-related convos the Brooches shared! I was always amazed by Mr. B's opinions, too!! I love both options here! Definitely wish we would have had something cute like the custom look alike toppers!!