Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Preach It, Brother!

This wasn't written by my brother, nor is this about preaching, religion, or my wedding ceremony. But it IS about everyone taking a chill pill about THE BIGGEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE.

Funny, yes? What's your favorite part of this article? And if you take offense, I truly apologize and advise you not return to this blog...ever.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

These are My Confessions...

Miss Magic's Memo: I wrote this post in August 2010, 14 months before the wedding. I'm seeking therapy now for my insane bridal ways, don't worry!

I'm a Glee Freak...It's My Life/Confessions Mash Up

So here's my confession. You may have noticed that the posts discussing dresses sort of died off. You may have wondered if I was just taking a break, or thinking it over, or decided to wait until closer to the wedding to really get serious and settle down with one gown. After all, it would be silly to buy a dress over a year before the wedding, right? Styles change! New, gorgeous dresses appear! Who would do such a thing?

Um, me. I would, that's who. This dress floozy has already settled down...and the gown will be here next week!

Here's how it all went down. I was flipping through a bridal magazine one day and found some gowns by Blue by Enzoani. I thought they were pretty so I checked out the website, and saw they had them at a shop in Raleigh...a shop I had already been to...a shop that held one of the first gowns I really loved. So, I decided to go check them out and made an appointment.

The night before this trip, I ended up getting a bit tipsy, so the morning of my appointment I was not in super form. But me and Bridesmaid Pumpkin headed over there anyway, determined. I tried on a few gowns and they were just OK. Then I decided to try on the one I had always liked.

I put it on, looked in the mirror at the circles under my eyes and my limp hair, and loudly proclaimed "This is stupid." I think everyone thought I was talking about the dress, but I was actually saying "This is really dumb. This is obviously the perfect dress, so why am I making this so difficult?"

I bought it. That day. It's paid in full. It will be here in less than ten days. Wanna see what it looks like????

Mr. Magic doesn't want to see it, and I am afraid to put it on the internets and claim that it is The One. Trust me though, my dress is the "good kind!"

Do you think it's crazy to buy a dress over a year before the wedding? How did you know it was "The One"?

P.S. You guys really loved it! And also, you will have to confiscate my budget bride card now. Those are your only hints!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Little Things That I Didn't Know

Mr. Magic and I live together, and have lived together for um, like, almost six years now. This living together for such a long time before being engaged has, as you can imagine, caused my parents to say a wide variety of statements - some cliched, some just totally obscure.

My mom, for instance, did the whole bovine analogy. Yes, you know the one.... I'm not even going to write it here because it is so freaking trite. I don't like being referred to as a large farm animal, or being "for sale." I am a feminist, and a magician too, after all.

My dad said (and I swear I will never, ever forget these words of wisdom) "You don't know what you don't know, you know?"

Um, yes. I mean, no. I mean, yes, I know that there are things I don't know about Mr. Magic, and vice versa, but I know I know enough to know that what I don't know will be ok. You know?

Anyway, from living together, I have learned a lot of little things about Mr. Magic (yes, Dad, things I did not know before!), and he has learned a lot of little things about me. Sometimes these little things are endearing, and sometimes they are annoying, but always these little things are what make our lives so ours.

For instance, I have learned that Mr. M likes to drink some water before he leaves the house. Every time. He used to leave the cabinet doors open all the time, but now he does not. He insists on the lint dryer being clean. He talks to the cats constantly in his "cat voice" (ok, you probably know that too if you have ever been in our home). He has a stack of, like, twenty books next to his bed at all times (and refuses to put them on the bookcase shelf). He takes really long showers. He doesn't eat leftovers. He's good at doing the dishes and taking out the trash, but he throws my mail away.

I don't know for sure what all he would include in the list about what he has learned from living with me, but I do know a couple of things. What's interesting is that some of these things I never consciously thought of about myself until he noticed them and pointed them out. Like, I always make a noise when I am sick - he calls it my "sick noise." If I make this noise, he will ask "Are you sick? You made your sick noise." and then I realize, "Hmm, I think I am getting a cold." I never even noticed that I made this sound until he pointed it out!

He has also noticed that I barely drink anything. If he pours me a glass of coke or juice, I drink less than half. So now he only pours me three ounces at a time. He knows I take nightly baths, and he hates it when I read in the tub because I get the pages of the book wet.

Weird little things. I love them.

Do you have little things you have noticed about your significant other? Has your partner noticed any little things about you?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

These are a few of my favorite things! I'm in a bit of a funk so I am trying to remind myself of some things that I love and that make me happy. Indulge me for a moment, if you don't mind....
Liz (yes, we're on a first name basis) Gilbert's two auto-biographical books about her journey around the world to find herself and her unexpected second marriage. Witty, insightful, and very near and dear to my heart. Some people hate on these books and their author, but to them I say "Get over yourself." There will be more posts coming about these amazingly inspirational and insightful books.

Let me preface this with, I am not necessarily "Candle Chick." I like candles, but I'm not normally gaga, in love, addicted to a candle. But one of my BFFs, aka Bridesmaid Bunny, gave me this candle for my 30th Birthday and I. Am. Addicted! I think she chose it because it's named after my cat, Isabella, but it is the best scent ev-er! And seriously, I'm not that into scents (FH is extra sensitive so I rarely wear perfume.) I plan on having this candle burning while I get dressed on my wedding day (although I will have to buy another one because the one I have I'm sure will be dunzo by then).
It is not possible to over estimate how much I love this drink. Let's just say, my Starbucks addiction has reached soaring new heights and I am attempting to implement an intervention. I think it should work well...until tomorrow morning when the only way I can get out of bed and drag myself to work is to promise myself one of these calorie-laden treats. And yes, I did plan my wedding during the fall so that I could make sure to have one of these the day of. Always thinking, I am.
NieNie Dialogues
This is a blog written by a young woman named Stephanie Nielson. She is a mother to four young children, a wife to her husband, and a plane crash survivor. She also is stylish, inspiring, and energizing - even when she blogs about feeling crummy and exhausted, she somehow does it in such an optimistic way that one cannot help feeling, no, knowing that tomorrow will be better. Plus her faith is ridiculously awe-inspiring. She's Mormon, and while I am definitely not Mormon (I'm Moravian, and no, it is not at all similar to Mormons), I can't help admire and envy her positivity and seemingly unwavering goodness. Oh, did I mention she takes awesome photos and she's incredibly stylish too?

OK last but not least...if I am having a really really bad day, I will drop by Pet Smart and weasel my way into the kitten room!

OMG, there is nothing more soothing than a tiny little furry baby kitten!

OK, I feel better. Thanks for allowing me a little time to self soothe, I really appreciate it. Do you also enjoy any of my favorite things?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Comparing Elephants and Irons!

That is what shopping for a caterer is like. Want to see? Oh, ok then!

On the left, we have a very large, very heavy, friendly elephant named Rosie! She loves to eat peanuts and has two, count em!, TWO gleaming white, genuine ivory tusks! But on the right, we have an iron! It's colorful and modern design can make even the most mundane chore of ridding wrinkles FUN! This streamlined iron is equipped with a quirky cork handle, and a steam option for those most stubborn wrinkles.

Which is better, dear readers? Huh? HUH? HUH???

You might be asking, "What the f*%$ does this have to do with finding a caterer?"

And to you, dear reader, I would say, "First off, watch your mouth. Secondly, comparing caterers is clearly exactly like comparing two completely different things. Not like comparing apples and oranges though, because those are toooooooooo similar. No, these caterers are really not even close to the realm of sameness, and are really more like (you guessed it!) elephants and irons."

Let me explain. One caterer broke down every cost of every item. This was a little overwhelming, but at least I know where all the money is going. Like, water glasses or goblets or whatever they are called, they are rented for $0.40 each. OK, great, ridiculous, whatever. (Money makes me stressed, remember?)

But then, another caterer tells me these nuggets of alleged information.
-White china: $7.05 per place setting (What does that include?)
-Wedding Buffet: $33.25 per person (What does this include?)

When I emailed to ask for some clarification and just bluntly asked if she could work with our budget or not, I got this not very helpful response (filled with grammatical errors and typos...automatic turnoff!):

"Just quick math with a $X000.00 budget ( if this if just for food/service/linens/rentals) give me a budget of $46.66 per person. If this is a dinner this will be hard to do. Untill we chat and I now more bout what you are looking for / location etc it’s hard for me to give you a price point cause there are different factors that determine. Most weddings dinners/buffet come within the $95.00 - $135.00 price point."

Um, what is she even talking about here? Is she saying she can't do a $46 per person budget for any type of food (hors d'oeuvres, buffet, etc.) and rentals? What does she mean by "dinner"? And when she says most wedding dinners and buffets come to 95$ a person (OR MORE! SERIOUSLY?!?), does that include alcohol, servers, coffee mugs, everything?

Let's do some math. 95$ per person multiplied by 150 peeps equals.... Wow. I just did the math literally right now. It equals 14 THOUSAND 2 HUNDRED and 50 dollars. And yet still, I have no idea what I would get for this money.

See? Elephants and irons. Let's call the whole thing off!

Everyone tells me it will be OK. That one year, two months, and six days from today, we will get married. There will be food. People will eat it. And the food won't actually matter and we will be married and have a wonderful night. But right now, well, right now I just want to hunker down with, yep, some comfort food (mac n cheese) and some comfort TV (Gilmore Girls, natch).

Have you struggled when comparing various wedding vendors? Was it like apples and oranges, or like elephants and irons?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Don't Be a Gaycist

I've been in favor of allowing people who are gay or lesbian to marry for a long time. I understand that some folks feel differently, I guess...but I can't fathom why. I mean, I know people have their alleged "religious reasons" and crap like that. Yes, I just called "religious reasons" crap. Because I don't think God would be so judgey as these so-called religious folks why should any of us be super judgey then? Aren't we supposed to be all about not casting stones? Who is so morally superior that they can pretend to know that God would do/say/think?

Anyway. I have friends and coworkers who are gay and lesbian, and some of them are in some of the most beautiful, loving, and inspiring relationships I have ever witnessed. EVER. Why should me and Mr. Polar Bear, who are sometimes snippy, prone to arguing, and most certainly not any better or more worthy than any other couple (gay or straight), be allowed to legally marry when others are not - just because they love the "wrong" person?

Ridiculous. Really freaking ridiculous.

I'm glad California is finally heading in the right direction again, and I hope other states follow soon. I know here in North Carolina, we tend to be a little bit behind, being all up in the Bible Belt and mostly conservative. But I'll do my part to make gay marriage legal here and in the United States.

Will you?