Thursday, August 26, 2010

These are My Confessions...

Miss Magic's Memo: I wrote this post in August 2010, 14 months before the wedding. I'm seeking therapy now for my insane bridal ways, don't worry!

I'm a Glee Freak...It's My Life/Confessions Mash Up

So here's my confession. You may have noticed that the posts discussing dresses sort of died off. You may have wondered if I was just taking a break, or thinking it over, or decided to wait until closer to the wedding to really get serious and settle down with one gown. After all, it would be silly to buy a dress over a year before the wedding, right? Styles change! New, gorgeous dresses appear! Who would do such a thing?

Um, me. I would, that's who. This dress floozy has already settled down...and the gown will be here next week!

Here's how it all went down. I was flipping through a bridal magazine one day and found some gowns by Blue by Enzoani. I thought they were pretty so I checked out the website, and saw they had them at a shop in Raleigh...a shop I had already been to...a shop that held one of the first gowns I really loved. So, I decided to go check them out and made an appointment.

The night before this trip, I ended up getting a bit tipsy, so the morning of my appointment I was not in super form. But me and Bridesmaid Pumpkin headed over there anyway, determined. I tried on a few gowns and they were just OK. Then I decided to try on the one I had always liked.

I put it on, looked in the mirror at the circles under my eyes and my limp hair, and loudly proclaimed "This is stupid." I think everyone thought I was talking about the dress, but I was actually saying "This is really dumb. This is obviously the perfect dress, so why am I making this so difficult?"

I bought it. That day. It's paid in full. It will be here in less than ten days. Wanna see what it looks like????

Mr. Magic doesn't want to see it, and I am afraid to put it on the internets and claim that it is The One. Trust me though, my dress is the "good kind!"

Do you think it's crazy to buy a dress over a year before the wedding? How did you know it was "The One"?

P.S. You guys really loved it! And also, you will have to confiscate my budget bride card now. Those are your only hints!


  1. Congrats! Not crazy at all; I bought my dress 2 weeks after we got engaged (9 months prior). If we had been engaged for over a year, I would have probably done the same thing!

  2. OMG! Congrats on finding THE ONE! Without making this sound cheesy... ok, whatever, it's going to sound cheesy ~*~JUST LISTEN TO YOUR HEART~*~! Cute story too. I can't wait till I find the one!

  3. congrats!! i dont think you are crazy at all! I bought my dress days... seriously DAYS after being engaged. I tried on like 7 dresses and bought mine. I did have a little affair months later.. had to try on more just to "make sure"... decided on the same dress again. I guess I *knew* I knew after I looked at others.

  4. Can't wait to see it (but I guess I'll have to :)!! I know it (and YOU!!) will be beautiful!!