Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Might Never Plan a Wedding Again

As you may have read, I’m worried our wedding will become a lukewarm mess, with semi-interesting aspects that come together to leave our guests feeling meh
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I fear our ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and yes, even the details, will leave our guests almost cold. Or they’ll think it’s too busy, too crowded with a plethora of details and a spectrum of flair. Too cramped with poms and chalkboards, buttons and bunting, pumpkins and brownies. Is that possible?
Mostly, I am concerned about disappointing myself. I’ll be so pissed if all this time and effort and energy results in a lackluster look. Like, seriously pissed. I might never plan a wedding again if that happens.
Here's the latest inspiration boards I have developed....

The ceremony...
Top left, clockwise: Ceremony set up via Tipi Living Retreat, our actual ceremony tree, poms via Project Wedding, and pumpkins via Yet Another Fall Bio

The reception tables and centerpieces...

Top left, clockwise: glinen linen personal photo, button napkin rings personal photo, milk glass vases photo by Blue Castle Photography via Pizazz! Florals Blog, pink chalkboard frame via flickr, milk glass on a tree stump via LYOU

The bridesmaids...
Sangria colored dress via David's Bridal, J. Crew navy cardigan via Shopstyle, super cute clutches by EmersonMade via Aisle Candy
Add in some bunting, some vintage furniture, cake and s'mores and brownies, some colorful soda and some stripey straws and maybe some yard games and a petting zoo...ok, ok, I'm kidding about the petting zoo. But add in all those other things, and maybe subtract the pumpkins, and what do you think?

Is it hot or is it not?*

Line from a song in one of my fave 80s movies...anyone?


  1. I think it all looks amazing so far, and everything in those images works well together. You've carried your accent colours into everything and I can completely visualise that chair layout, around your tree with the pumpkins lining the aisle! I think it looks amazing so far...And not over the top at all! So far it looks clean and elegant, not too fussy. Well done! Definitely hot!

    I wish I could turn what's in my head into a board! I might give it a try...

  2. it looks great, you will be fine!!! inspiration overload happens to the best of us but you'll make it out alive :)

  3. I vote hot!

    Seriously though, I had the exact same doubts as you did at one point too--I had so many little details, but I was worried how they'd all work together and look next to each other in the end.

    I have a feeling all brides have these thoughts, but you just have to be confident in your choices and go with it. And look forward to the time in your recaps when you get to do a "all the little details" post, and you can finally see how great all your hard work turned out to be. :)