Friday, May 27, 2011

I Never Liked the Taste of Crow...

Occasionally, I am wrong. Not often, not sometimes, in fact, it's pretty rare. But occasionally, I am wrong.

As a blogger, I try to stay away from sweeping generalizations or being too extreme. I mean, I stay true to what I like, think, and believe...but I might temper it as to be more reader friendly. One time I said I hated those mustaches on a stick, and surprisingly, nothing bad happened to me. Although now I've gone and said it again, so maybe I'm really pushing my luck. [Although I've got to admit, if anyone can pull off a mustache on a stick it is the lovely and ohsocool Mrs. Sloth. For reals.]

Anyways, there's another thing I never really understood about weddings.

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I mean, what the hell y'all. It's an overpriced scrap of usually cheap, scratchy lace and a cheapo fake satin ribbon. Maybe there is a plastic charm strung on there. No one sees it, unless you choose to participate in the garter toss, where your partner reaches under your dress, in front of everyone you know and God, removes the overpriced lace and satin thing, and flings it to the unmarried men who are gathered in the room. No judgment.

I just don't get it. And, I never saw a garter where I thought "Oh my gawd, I just have to have that immediately!"

Until, I did. And then I realized that a garter is, in fact, jewelry for your leg. Which is, frankly, brilliant. Wanna see what made me change my mind?

These are just from one etsy shop...I'm scared to research more because I'm already overwhelmed with such lovely, unique choices! Now, I want an assortment of garters, so I can wear one anytime I'm getting dressed up! I have done a complete turnaround. I admit it, I was wrong!

I never liked the taste of crow, but baby, I ate it.*
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Were you ever vehemently anti-something and then did a 180? I'll share my crow with you!

*Lyric from The Band Perry's song You Lie

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  1. Yea never really understood the garter, just think its so many years of tradition that brides don't even know why they do it! I wont be wearing one but I do love the pretty ones you featured!