Friday, June 3, 2011

Registerin' - Get 'Er Done

I had hemmed and hawed and complained about the registry a long while ago, here and here, but Mr. Magic and I finally decided on a couple of registries that would fit our grown ass up needs. The first registry we created was at
image via heidi and noah

I had suggested Bed Bath & Beyond for it's affordability and awesome coupons, but Mr. Magic wanted something a bit more posh. After all, we’ll only get to request that our friends and families buy us expensive items that we could never afford ourselves once, right?

Walking around Crate & Barrel was hilarious, y’all. First, Mr. Magic relinquished the laser gun scanner thingy to me, so I felt very powerful and a bit smug, like our relationship was so egalitarian, since he did not insist on holding the gun all macho man style. Then we took one lap around the store to get our bearings and our conversation went like this “We have one of those. And, we have one of those too.” We have one of these, but maybe we could get a new one…?”. The very first item we registered for was this...

...because the one we have is plastic and lame.

We added some simple, classic plates...

Some sweet beer glasses and drinking glasses...

And some fun accessories and gadgets!

I did not find this to be a stressful experience at all. We were in there about an hour, and then we ate at the Cheesecake Factory. I went home later and added some more things online. It was totally quick, easy, and painless and we didn’t even argue, so take that stupid communication score of ZERO.

Our next registry was an Amazon registry. We chose this because there were a few specific items we wanted, but these things were from a variety of stores: Anthropologie, random online boutiques, etc. For instance, these lovely glasses! Oprah suggested these unbreakable drinking cups to me, and I am a sucker for Oprah's favorite things!

Glasses from Elizabeth Bauer

We've already received these knives as a gift from my friend Batman, and they are beautiful, French, and extremely sharp. Someone needs to learn to be careful when cutting with these bad boys. That someone might be me.

Mr. M is against "single purpose" items like this deviled egg plate, but I told him it serves two purposes - to hold deviled eggs and to act as decor. Duh.

Mrs. Cola details how to set up an Amazon registry here. The only problem I have had so far is that sometimes the items are not marked as purchased...I just check after I have received something, and delete it if it wasn't changed. 

My Top Registering Tips:

1. Research beforehand. Don't wait until you get into the crowded store to first discuss what plates you want. Narrow it down to a few choices beforehand and then decide on one in the store.

2. Keep a list on the fridge so when you say, "Hey, do we have one of those sucker outer and pour over thingies?," your partner can say "no" and add "baster thingy" to the list.

3. Consider how much space you have in your kitchen or linen closets, and plan accordingly. Donate any old things to a local charity.

4. Reward yourself and your partner with french fries. Yum!

The only problem is, I'm hearing from some of our guests that we need more choices. Is a honeymoon registry in our future, perhaps?

Did you find registering to be easy or stressful?

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  1. We got 4 of those Portland Beer Glasses, and we LOVE them... we use them at least twice a week. Beer just tastes SO much better out of a tall glass!