Sunday, June 19, 2011

Umbrellas Needed: Part 2

I gave you the details in my last post on how I was showered with awesomeness via a lovely kitchen themed shower. The decor was really lovely and thoughtful, and that alone made me feel super special. But, there was even more! We played several different games...some people aren't into bridal shower games, but I think they are fun! For a group of women who haven't all met, games are a great way to get to know each other and break the ice.

Match the Couple Game
The 3 Peas (my aunts and step mom) started everyone out with a game I had never seen before. There were two sets of photos laid out on the table. In the first set were photos of couples on their wedding the second set were the same couples' photos on their 50th anniversary. The game is to decide which couples match up. It was really tough!

Kitchen Themed Memory Game
We played a memory game were I donned an apron that was adorned with tons of kitchen gadgets. Guests were given two minutes to memorize all the gadgets on the apron, then had to write down everything they could remember. The person who recalled the most gadgets won.

Toilet Paper Gown Game
The guests were divided into three groups and asked to make bridal gowns out of toilet paper. My shower was held the weekend after the royal wedding...can you guess the inspiration?
Kate Middleton's gown, of course! Can you see the resemblance? Here's Mini Magic in her gown. I was asked to judge and choose the winner which was really tough since my sister was on one team, my mother on another team, and my future mother in law on a third team. I picked my mom's team to win because Magic Mom made a  flower rosette for the dress - just like my gown!

Also, everyone was was hilarious!
Here is Mr. Magic's aunt, using aluminum foil to make a crown. The rule became, anything in the room you are in is fair game. Hence, my mom using a chandelier crystal to attach to the gown too.

Guests who won each of the above games were given kitchen themed prizes too! Yay! Everyone loves a prize!!!

The Wedding Night Quote Game
I should have known this was coming but I totally forgot about this game! For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, beware of what you say while opening your gifts...your words will be used against you in the post-present opening as things you will say on your wedding night. Like, "Oh yay, it's green!" And "This is awesome." And "Oh my gosh, thank you so much!" And "Um...what is this?" And then you will look embarrassed, like this...

The Surprise Sing Along
Finally, the 3 Peas surprised me by writing a song to the tune of ABBA's I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do and singing it to me, along with crowd participation. It was really thoughtful and hilarious...and now I am going to post the video online for you all to see. I'm sure they will appreciate that! Just kidding...they are quite aware that I blog, as you will see from the song....

So not only was I showered with awesome decor and details, I also was hit with some fun, hilarious games and a rockin' performance. I was sometimes a bit uncomfortable being the center of attention, but I got over it and soaked up all the love. Coming up next are some super thoughtful gifts I received as well as how I thanked my hostesses, but until then I'm wondering...did you enjoy your shower, or were you embarrassed by all the attention (or the wedding night quote game)?

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