Thursday, June 23, 2011

Umbrellas Needed: Part 3

I swear this is the last post about my shower. But I couldn't not tell you about some awesome gifts I got, and gave (erm...I hope they thought they were awesome!). Also...embedded in this post is the number one all time tip to making your relationship last. I know. It's gonna be amazing!!!

I got a boatload of sweet gifts, y'all. I mean, I guess I know in theory that that is what a shower is for, but man, I was feeling really overwhelmed with new a good way! Mr. Magic's Mum got us the

Apple Green KitchenAid Mixer image via Kitchen Critic

I wanted this color and Mr. M wanted, like, black. I won. 

Also, Magic Mom followed my directions well and purchased these for me at the flea market, as I stood there pointing at them, saying "Why don't you get these for my shower?"

Image via Pyrex Love

She also gave me the ingredients and recipe to make tabouli...yum! Thanks Magic Mom!

I got some Magic themed gifts, including a CD of magical songs, and

Image via Parched No More

Image via Amazon

I got a ton of other amazing and thoughtful gifts as well. I also received some beautiful flowers from Mr. Magic. He stopped by to bring them to me, isn't that so thoughtful and amazing of him??? Can you tell what's coming....

It's the number one all time tip to making your relationship last! Are you ready? Here it is:

If you want your significant other to do something, just ask them (nicely) NOT expect the person to be a mind reader!!! Yes, that's right...I asked Mr. M to stop by the shower and say hi to everyone, and I may have mentioned he could bring me flowers too...and he did! And it made me soooooooo happy! See picture above for proof. So next time you're thinking "I wish he/she would bring me flowers / take out the trash / take me out on a date..." just tell the person. They have no idea what we want. Seriously.

Finally, I wanted to thank my hostess with the mostest-es, so I made them their own shower gift!

And Magic Mom made Knot Cards for me to give them as a thank you. Oh, what's a Knot Card, you ask? It's a one of a kind work of art made on wood, hence not a card but a "knot card." These are the ones she made for the shower!

 The back of the knot card is shown above left, and I wrote a message of thanks to each one of them. (And everyone asked, but no, that is not actually a picture of me....) Did I mention she's my mom, and she has an etsy shop, and she can make you Knot Cards (or Knotty Cards, hee hee hee) too? She's making some for my bachelorette right now!

So, that's it for the shower...the gifts I got, the gifts I gave, and that one tip that will make your marriage last for evah-evah.

Are you a gift giver or a gift receiver? Or both?

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