Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"A surprise is coming on Monday"...

said Mr. Polar Bear.

"For me??? A surprise for me???? Is it a new cat? Is the house being painted? Is it a new washer and dryer?" said I.

Mr. Polar Bear said nothing in reply.

Around comes surprise. Instead, the surprise came on Tuesday!

And ding ding ding, I was RIGHT. It was a new washer and dryer!!!!

We DESPERATELY needed a new washer and dryer. Our old ones barely worked. I'd put in a shirt covered in cat hair, and the shirt would come out wet... and covered in cat hair. The dryer was a fire hazard that our cat had peed in one time. In short, the washer and dryer were so old, they were practically antique. Don't believe me? Here's me, doing laundry:
My dress is so cute, isn't it?

OK, seriously though, the washer and dryer were really really old. We had talked about getting new ones since we moved in back in 2005. And now, we have a shiny new washer like this (with a matching dryer)!
LG Truesteam Washer and Dryer

I'm certainly no domestic goddess and my nesting instincts have flown the coop, right along with that Protestant work ethic I was allegedly born with...but I could not WAIT to do laundry in these amazingly modern contraptions.

But wait...the surprise did not end there! The nice delivery men brought in another new appliance! Any guesses as to what it was?

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