Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Decision - Dunzo*!!!

Remember The Great Purple Debate of 2010? Oh, you don't? It was, like, totally on the news and everything - you must have been swamped that week.

Well, that particular debate raged on and on [in my mind] until bam, eBay to the rescue! I was searching for some wine/fall-y purple colored ribbons to make an awesome wedding craft, and I found a color called Currant.

Here is where everything got car-azy! There were several listings for a currant colored 1.5" grosgrain ribbon (pronounced "grow-grain" not "gross grain"...thanks for schooling me on that, Bridesmaid Pumpkin!)...some looked like "the good kind"* of purple...some looked like wino red. I emailed one seller, carriesshowcase, and asked if her currant ribbon was more red or purple...and when she replied purple, I bought it. ALL of it. 250 yards of ribbon to be exact!

The box arrived! And inside was this:

Does that look red to you? Don't worry, it's not really. It's a lovely purpley color, although I did recently notice that some of the ribbon is ever so sliiiiiiightly more red. I think only someone with bride brain would notice this.

{side note: who knew I'd be obsessed with reddish purples and purpley reds? The things we brides endure....}

So, all in all, I got 250 yards of ribbon shipped to me for $70, which equals 28 cents per yard! Not to shabby, if I do say so myself.

And even better, my purple decision was made for me! I'm going with the purple of this ribbon, which is most like plum raisin!

Has eBay been good to you? And what do you think I'm making with all this ribbon???

*Mr. Magic says "dunzo" alllll the time. I know others use it now, but I swear he coined it. We've discussed opening a pizza parlor called Dunzo Pizza!

*"The good kind" is an old joke between us (and all of Mr. Magic's friends). One night, Mr. Magic was going to the bathroom and I very sleepily mumbled "Can you bring me a hair band - the good kind." He thought this was hilarious (apart from having no idea what it meant - the ouchless kind, obv!) and told his friends. Now anytime we want to specify something we add "the good kind" onto it.

OK, well, it's funny to us anyway. ;-)

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