Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shades of Grey

I mean, purple. Shades of Purple.

Step into my world - but watch your step, ok, because it's a scattered, multitasking, colorful space filled with cat hair and caffeine. Oh, and about one million shades of purple.
plum raisin and bordeaux

eggplant and aubergine

wildberry and blackberry

Of course, I have no idea what these shades look like in actual reality, since they are likely being distorted by my computer monitor, the lighting in this room, and the (hopefully) temporary insanity that is taking over my mental space.

Seriously? I just want a good fall purple. Let me know if you find it somewhere!


  1. I'm leaning towards the top two - plum raisin or bordeaux! Speak now or forever hold your peace bridesmaids! (Clever of me, since only one or two read this blog regularly, huh?) :-)

  2. I like plum raisin and bordeaux. I think it depends on what you like and what other colors you will be having in the wedding. The top two seem to have a red undertone to them. I like all six of the color choices (because I love purple) but eggplant and aubergine are also really pretty. They are more "deep" or "true" purple than the top two...I think. But I like all the colors. So whatever you and the other bridesmaids pick is great with me :)
    I'm just excited to be a bridesmaid!

    Sister Polar Bear

  3. eggplant is good too, you're right. i'll do a post soon with the other colors too, ok? oh, and you're NOT a bridesmaid, you're the Maid of Honor. duh!