Monday, April 19, 2010

Jumping the Shark

I think my wedding dress search has jumped the shark. Yes, I realize that that is not proper use of the term. I don't really understand the phrase, but still use it all the time, much to Mr. Magic's chagrin.

But you know what I mean. OK, maybe you don't. I feel like I have viewed so many dresses online, I no longer have rational thoughts or opinions. I keep looking for something "different" and "unique" and since the market is flooded with a gazillion sweetheart lace dresses, although they are so beautiful I have now convinced myself that they are "trite."

I've decided I need something classic yet modern, romantic, with a dose of individuality. I look at probably 100 dresses a day but had not found anything that peaked my interest until checking out this Rivini site (YES, it's wayyyyyyy out of my budget, but right now we're looking for inspiration, I will google "how to sell extraneous organs." One search at a time.)

I think the only "unique" thing about this dress, actually, is the capelet, which is appropriate for me as Miss Magic (magicians...capes...), but Mr. Magic thought it was "weird looking." Boys. Sigh.

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by options with gowns, jewelry, flowers, linens...the cereal aisle at the grocery store...that you just "jumped the shark?" You know, in the way that I am totally misusing that expression?


  1. Maybe you should take a week or two, and not look at dresses. Give you eyes a rest. Take a break from it. Maybe when you come back, you will fall in love with something.

  2. I agree with Rebecca, when I start to glaze over after looking and looking, everything starts to look the same. The dress you posted is beautiful!!