Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What's a budget wedding anyway?

I'm kind of a jealous person, it's true, and this is most true in the realm of finances. Everyone wishes they always had more money than they have...after all, isn't that the point of life? (That's a joke people, chillax.) I really do know what it's like to not have money and be broke. Like, digging through the car for change to find enough money to get to your unpaid internship kind of broke. Or, growing up always wearing your older brother's hand me downs, living in a trailer, not having transportation kind of broke.

Poor upbringing + working hard myself to pay for school and start a real career + expensive tastes x label whore tendencies = screwed when it comes to wedding planning.  

Now we are lucky enough that both sides of our family are contributing some financially, and Mr. Magic and I are trying to save and put in some money too. But weddings are ridiculously expensive, and have about 4,597,326 hidden costs. Ok, maybe not so hidden but not something you'd think about before hand).

Like, chairs. I've got 100 chairs included in my venue rental. They are the ugliest chairs around. So if I'm gonna use these chairs, I need chair covers. Those are $2.50 minimum x100 chairs =250$. But I'll need to rent 50 more chairs for the reception (and chair covers for those), and 150 chairs for the ceremony. I mean, all this adds up to like $1500 just for friggin' chairs.

*Note: I actually did not do the math because I feel kind of nauseous from all this money talk, and I can't do math when I'm sick.

Also, I just read a blog post where someone said their "budget" wedding costs $25,000.00. I mean, yes, I'm sure she has a budget for her 23K wedding, but that is not a "BUDGET wedding." At least, it's not in my judgey little book.

I'm being a grump, I know. I should focus on the BIG PICTURE and not compare my wedding/life/financial means to others, even if it is the American way.

Did thinking about the budget make you nauseous or want to bite off all your fingernails or eat a box of Velveeta Mac N Cheese...or is it just me?

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