Saturday, April 10, 2010

Next Stop on the Train: Milk Glass Mania

OK, I swear, I will not post every piece of milk glass that I buy, find, or receive as a gift (hint hint HINT). But just a few more photos because it was such an exciting day!

After my last trip to the flea market, I learned that prices vary a lot for these coveted containers - anywhere from 1$ to 45$. I knew one woman had a dollar table with a few pieces (and said she'd have more in the future) but everyone else was charging at minimum 4$. That's not a lot but when you think I might need at least 60 pieces, it does add up.

So today I went first to our local PTA thrift store. I found one large bowl for 8$ and bought it, possibly because I had not drank any caffeine yet and was not thinking clearly. Headed to the Goodwill...nada. So drove out to the flea market, where all my dreams came true!

My lady with the dollar table had NOT added any more milk glass as she had promised so I moved on. I found some great deals, some for 1$ or 2$, which bolsters my confidence that I should hold out and look for the ones that are cheaper. I asked one guy who sold me one of the best pieces today why it was only 2$ and he said "Well, I just want to get rid of all this stuff." Works for me!

The two pieces on the right are my favorite, of the hobnob pattern, of course.
The second from right was 2$!

The one in the middle was 8$. Damn you, Chapel Hill PTA Thrift Store!!!

And finally...

How cute is this one??? Just one small problem...

Uh yeah, not sure how I did not notice that this was part of a lamp and not a container. Don't fret, Ima glue it on a saucer and put another container inside to make sure the water doesn't drain out.

Isn't it funny how, when planning a wedding, you (ok, I) get sucked into things that I never knew or cared about before? I was so happy hunting down these milk glass containers today, and it kind of surprised me! Have you been surprised about how much you enjoy something in your wedding that you never previously thought about?

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  1. love them, love them, love them!

    way to be thrifty AND fashionable!

    flea market next weekend, ya heard?