Saturday, April 3, 2010

More floozy-ing around...

Miss Magic's Memo: This post was written last April, when I was floozying around all over North Carolina, ogling and whistling at dresses in all sorts of bridal salons....

Oh Lord. More dresses!

In an effort to actually be able to afford to feed the guests at our wedding, I decided to look at some less expensive dresses. I did what any frugal NC bride would do, and I headed to the Burlington Bridal Mart.

On their website, their own directions reference both a Waffle House AND a Hardee's. Nuff said.

So, now I've found two more dresses, in addition to these other designer beauties. This first gown is lovely and amazingly affordable, but I'm not sure it goes with an outdoor wedding and barn reception in the fall. I think it would be awesome for a beach wedding, or even a pretty summer garden wedding, Maybe I should reconsider our date....
Pallas Athena PA9931-PA9963

Check out this gorgeous back!

The next dress is quite similar to the Vineyard Nora that I loved, but I would want some alterations because the sleeves are kind of broad, especially on my narrow shoulders. It's 1000$ less than the Nora (but still three times as much as the one shouldered dress above).
It has the cool keyhole back (like the Nora).

Both dresses are fine. Maybe good, maybe great even! But the open air dressing room, unpolished saleswomen, and fluorescent lights were kind of stressful for me. Good thing I had Mini Magic (my little sister and MOH) there to help out, take pics, AND try on some heavily discounted bridesmaid gowns (see those after I find my camera cord).

So between these two and the other three, which one do YOU like best? Did you wear a dress that didn't exactly "go" with your venue?


  1. Hi Miss Polar Bear! Found you via Weddingbee and I can't wait to read more about you and your wedding planning!

    I haven't chosen my dress yet. Like you, I have several that I love! Also, I am getting married in 2011 as well (July), and I want to find my dress sooner rather than later!

    I think you can make any dress "go" with any venue/theme, so don't worry about that. I think both dresses that you posted are lovely! The one-shoulder caught my eye because it's so unique; and I think the flowers actually make it work really well for an outdoor wedding!

  2. Hmm...interested to see how the single strap looks. My guess is that you would be more comfortable in dress #2 with the alterations.

  3. I love American Allure C155, I love lace and the way this falls just looks so romantic to me

  4. This is a VERY difficult decision to make. I loved both of the dresses on you, but like Scott said....comfort wise maybe the lace one. I don't think you can lose though, any dress you pick will look perfect. My favorite for YOU is the lace. It seems to fit you and have the "look" your going for.

    ~Sister Polar Bear :)

  5. @Amy, glad you found me and thanks for the comment! I'm now leaning toward finding a one shoulder dress for the rehearsal dinner...good compromise huh?

  6. are cracking me up. I love that you are my ONE friend who posts comments! Wanna be a bridesmaid?