Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Song to Walk To

I'm having reoccurring dreams that on the day of the wedding, I realize I have no ceremony music or reception music. Then I have to call up friends in a band I know, and ask them to bring their ipods, microphones, and shaky fruit. It's alarming.

But in real life, my latest fun obsession is thinking of music for the ceremony, especially songs to walk down the aisle to!

Contender #1:

Rufus Wainwright's Complainte de la Butte. It's French (for me) and one of Mr. Magic's fave artists! And pretty! One problem (see convo below).

Contender #2:

"Antarctica" live from the Cd Release Show
Anything by The Never.

Well, ok, not anything...sometimes their songs are scary (witches, bombs) or anxiety producing ("Oh anxiety, you're mine all the time.") But they have some pretty instrumental songs, and some great lyrics. Plus Mr. Magic and I are both HUGE fans (it is rare for our musical tastes to overlap), and they are a local band! I'm sure they will be heavily featured at some point in our wedding ceremony and reception - but not sure they have The Song for me to walk to.

See the convo me and Mr. M just had regarding this:

me: im gonna need The Never to write us a song for me to walk down the aisle to
like 30-45 seconds
not scary or sad
FH: hahahaah
me: im serious
something instrumental
FH: not a bad idea actually
me: maybe this lonely vampire song would be ok
hee hee hee
some of their intros are so melancholic
they won't workFH: true
me: or like, anxiety producing
i don't think that would be wise
do you think johnny would do that for us?
or should we ask someone we know better
"hey jesse, can you write us a 30-40 second song that sounds like something The Never would make?"
FH: haha
me: wait wait wait
i might have the song
hang on
rufus wainwright complainte de la butte is actually about a prostitute's pretty though
FH: haha

He's really into it, despite his succinct responses! What music will you be playing when you walk down the aisle to your future partner? And how many of you knew that song was about a prostitute? I'm thinking our guests would have no idea!

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