Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm a dress floozy! The shame....

I wrote this post in March of 2010, about one year ago and roughly TWENTY MONTHS before the wedding. Yes, I am that girl, the one who looks for her dress before doing anything else. What can I say? I have my priorities straight.

The first time I went dress shopping, I went with my much younger sis (she's 18, I'm practically 30 *gulp*). I had been stalking Jim Hjelm and his designs for years, wayyyyyyyy before my FH was hearing wedding bells.I went and tried on a bunch of gowns, including some of his designs. Nothing was really giving me The Felling. I had just asked my consultant, "Aren't I supposed to have like, a reaction or something?" and she told me "Some brides don''s ok." "Hmph" I thought, and tried on this dress.

Even thought it is NOT what I thought I wanted (scoop neck?!?), I cried, my sister cried, and later when I brought two of my BMs, they cried too. Mom, my step mom, and my FMIL were NOT impressed. I tried the gown on for them, and it was like a really awkward episode of Say Yes to The Dress. Crickets chirping. No eye contact. Lots of stammering.

Le sad.

So, in an effort to assure myself that this is THE dress, I went to another store...and that's when the floozing around began!

Both gorgeous, classy dresses that were equally flattering, although maybe not as "fun" as my Jim Hjelm dress. Now I am SO confused, plus my wedding is not until October 2011, so I feel equal parts pressure to wait "in case something better comes along" and to order it NOW so they don't discontinue it. Also, did I mention I want the BEST deal POSSIBLE? And, I want to make sure I am wearing something age appropriate too.

There are a lot of factors to consider when searching for The Dress. What did you consider when dress shopping that you might not have considered considering before the shopping experience?

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  1. You will look beautiful in ANYTHING. Plus I like all of these options, but maybe the last one more? I'm not 100% sure, I would have to see the new options on you. You and Jim's wedding will be beautiful.