Monday, March 15, 2010

Got my flash on, it's true...

Need that [engagement] picture of you...... (It's Lady GaGa. Get with the program.)

I'm so excited! We have booked our engagement photo shoot for June 22nd! The very fabulous Ana and Gabriel of samoancuban photography will be taking the pics - I don't think it is an exaggeration to say that their work is simply AMAZING and I am sooooooo happy to have them doing all our photos. This is the ONE thing I really, really wanted. Besides the dress. Oh, and the shoes. And a flower in my hair. And, of course, Mr. Polar Bear! (gag gag barf)

OK, so here's the engagement photo outfit (Anthropologie Snow Covered Fields dress front and back, bc the little cutout back is too damn cute for words)....

Anddddddddd, what shoes will I be wearing? Why the Louboutin cork LOVE flats, of course! Yes, picked them up from my new shoe guy at Saks 5th Avenue and now my little red soled shoes are stored in their bright red designer bag in their (actually kind of boring...disappointing, I know) Louboutin shoe box, far away from kitty Isabella's reach.

We'll be doing an outdoor shoot, weather permitting, on Franklin Street and around town. Any suggestions for great photo opportunities?


  1. ahhhhh exciting!!! As for pictures- obviously where jim proposed...and maybe your favorite bar/hangout spot..lindas? I cant wait to see the shoes and the outfit!

  2. ooh, good thinking! maybe some in the arboretum too, but I don't want anything toooo campus-y.

  3. @ColorCoated! Thanks, it can be yours too, from Anthropologie. Bit expensive but it's worth it. Andddddddddd, it has pockets! How fun!

  4. Katie, you are so funny! Thanks for the shout out! I love the outfit and the shoes!! Did you pick out Jim's outfit too (kidding, of course!)?! We have yet to shoot a couple on the UNC campus/ Franklin Street area, so we're really looking forward to it! There are so many nice spots!!!

  5. @Ana, I haven't picked out his outfit...yet. Just kidding! He'll prolly rock some jeans that don't fit and a button down shirt. Do you like how I said we booked with you even though we haven't actually signed a contract??? I was just so excited that Jim picked a date that I had to blog about it!