Wednesday, March 3, 2010

These dreams go on when I close my eyes...

Every second of the night....

No, literally, every second of the night I am dreaming about wedding things. Sometimes it is just me worrying while I am sleeping, about nothing in particular since again, my wedding is way far away. Or sometimes I have the ever popular "OMG, I'm pregnant and I'll have to wear a wedding dress while I am with child." But even in those dreams, I remember that I'll have plenty of time to pop out a kid BEFORE the wedding. I'm quite sensible in my dreams - usually.

But last night's dream...last night's dream took the cake. In the dream, it was my wedding day. I was at the reception, surveying the scene, and noticed the colors were different, very bright orange and turquoise which was not what I had planned for my lovely rustic barn autumn wedding. Then I looked at the invites which were created by my step mom (she is a graphic artist in real life), and they were also tropically colored. They also included a line that said "cash bar - 6$ a drink" and a note that "The Bride and Groom have enough things so no need to bring a gift."

In the dream, I was upset but mindful that my step mom did this as a gift and I should not yell at her (I was very proud of my dream self). Also in the dream, I very wisely told myself "this is just a dream, wake up" and then of course I couldn't wake up because that was all part of the dream. I started noticing all these other things that had been left out of our reception (no lanterns, no centerpieces, no giant carved pumpkins acting as coolers for awesome beers) and just as I was getting worked up and my mother and stepmother were beginning to argue, I woke up.


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