Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"A little less...rustic vintage, maybe?"

Miss Magic's note: This post was written, along with the inspiration board, 12 months ago. At that time, I didn't know what our budget was (uh, I still might not know what it is), but I did know we weren't gonna have a ton of money. I was freaking out, trying to figure out how to do things inexpensively but still get the vibe we wanted (and what vibe was that, exactly?). Also, this is my first inspiration board. The wedding has certainly evolved since then....

Apparently, Mr. Magic did not get the memo that rustic vintage weddings are THE theme lately. I don't know why this is, but I'm guessing the popularity of the vintage theme has something to do with being fairly affordable and lending itself to DIY projects that us crafty brides love so much. But when I showed Mr. Magic my original inspiration board and described the centerpieces, his reaction was less then desired.

Me: So this is what I was thinking for the wed-"

Him: "Purple? You like PURPLE?" (as in "Who ARE you???? I don't even KNOW you!!!"

Me: "Well, it's not really PURPLE actually, it's Aubergine. It's French!" (clarifying the critical French aspect)

Him: "These images seem kind of country." (He said "country" like one would say "vomit." Mr. Magic grew up in Northern Virginia and then moved to Chapel Hill when he was eight. His parents were from Pennsylvania. So, he's practically a Yankee...not that there's anything wrong with that!)

Me: "HMPH." (Actually, I just sat there. He gave me the colors but said "less country, more traditional" and then I said "Have we met?" and the convo deteriorated from there.)

So, now I have to find something a little less rustic, or less vintage, or less country. He couldn't be clearer than mud, could he? But I still need to do it on a budget, and these centerpieces are killing me! I mean, having a florist do it seems like highway robbery, but now that my super cute and totally thrifty idea of using mismatched vintage tins on antique books has been NIXED...I've got to move on.
[side note: It's not completely nixed, YET. I convinced him to let me do a mock-up, as I decided maybe his creative vision is not up to par.]

Here are some more DIY, inexpensive-ish options. Whatcha think?

This is a totally different vibe, although maybe we could partially rustic it up with less fancy, more colorful flowers and...what??? A cowboy hat? I'm losing it here people.
This bouquet of delightfully airy flowers is  as easy to make as it is beautiful.
Paper flowers look cute from far away but the close up seems too...fake. Which they are.

This has the rustic vibe but feels a bit more traditional. Jen made these paper yellow roses but I think I would use real - REALly cheap ones!

I'm cool with paying for a florist for the bouquets and MAYBE for the boutonnieres...but the centerpieces??? Can't get behind it unless I win the lottery.

Is there anything YOU really don't want to pay for in your wedding?


  1. I was at Michaels arts and craft store the other day and they have tons of vases and flowers...fake ones but very pretty ones. They even had mason jars!! I think the mason jar trend is def catching on! We got lucky with the florist and had a good price...that was something we were worried about to...but I couldnt see doing it myself. Video was something we didnt want to pay for but everyone was telling us it was a we found another great price and now we have a Videographer!

    Good luck. Love the roses in the first picture with no stems.

  2. Remember the picture you had me take at the wedding convention we went to with Carrie? They had the white roses with the mason jars, and random shaped candle holder things...? i may have the picture somewhere...I think Jim would like that because is keeps with the more rustic feel, but the clear holders and white roses make it look a bit more "traditional, and fancy." I thin candles, and see through holders for anything...white maybe white flowers would make any wedding look a bit more formal. But that's just me. Love you.