Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ouch! That hurts!*

OMG, does it hurt.

I recently purchased THIS workout video:

Oh Jillian Michaels. How I love, er, loved you. I love Jillian on the Biggest Loser. She's so witty and inspirational and really helps people work on both their inner and outer selves. Bob's OK too, but he does a little bit too much yoga for my tastes. I need someone to yell at me and make me fearful and so intimated that I just do whatever the hell she tells me to do. Plus, she gets amazing results! And just check out her abs - I want abs like that!

But...well...I'm not sure I love Jillian in my house. In fact, I might hate her. OK, not really, REALLY hate her like I hate Gisele and Tom Brady (I mean, what do they even talk about???), but I do kind of sort of hate her a little bit. Especially when she tells me not to phone it in. I swear, if I hear that phrase one more time, I might break the DVD in half (except I probably wouldn't be able to because my arms are always trembling after only five minutes of working out).

The reason for this new workout plan (er, half ass plan, really) is three fold. One, it's summer time, I just turned 30, and I want to look hot in a bikini to prove to everyone (ok myself, really) that I am not old. Two, we have our e-pic session soon, and I'd rather not be rocking flabby arms in my super cute dress. And three, well, it'd be nice to go ahead and get started and see if I can sustain this for the October...of 2011. STOP LAUGHING! It's possible...maybe.

If you're going to do this DVD, heed my words of advice.

-The first time I did it, I tried 5 pound weights because that's all I had, and I assumed she was using, like, 10 pound weights. About twenty minutes in, she mentions she's using 3 pound weights. So, use 2 or 3 pound weights.

-Don't be afraid to take a break between circuits. This is probably what Jillian would refer to as "phoning it in." But I can take a breather and keep going...or just quit. I chose a breather.

-Skip the push ups and those side plank raises in the last circuit. I have NO idea what muscles to even use to DO those side plank raises. So, it's ok to skip what's hardest for you for now. You can always try it later (or not).

-Do more of what you enjoy. Like eating Velveeta shells and cheese. I mean, like ab work. That's my fave...for some reason it hurts less in the moment than all those squats.

Is there a workout program that you really enjoy? And how do you feel about Jillian?

*"Ouch! That hurts!" is a phrase that one of my clients with autism tends to overuse. He says it in a very high pitched voice. He uses it appropriately when talking about a headache or a bug bite, but once said "Ouch! That hurts!" when I tried to get him to eat a tiny bite of a tomato.

Miss Magic's Memo: I wrote this post in June 2010. I think since then I have done this DVD maybe 2.15 times. I have, incidentally, become a new fan of yoga which was introduced to me by Mrs. Lamb! 

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