Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Story of Us: How We Met

I know you have been waiting for this. I've waited awhile to share this story with you, friends, because it's so freaking cute it might just make you gag. Grab a trash can, just in case, and here goes.

Once upon a time, on a sunny day with Carolina blue skies, Miss Magic was walking along Franklin Street wearing a really fabulous outfit. She had on some really awesome Kate Spade heels, and one got caught in the sidewalk crack (don't you hate it when that happens?). As she struggled to free her shoe (it was really stuck and she was making quite a spectacle of herself), a handsome young man came by to assist her. He said "nice shoes" while really checking out her legs, and that's how Miss Magic and Mr. Magic met.

Cute story, huh? Thanks. It's totally not true.

So, Mr. Magic and I do not remember how we met. Mr. Magic was friends with some of my friends...and so that's how we got introduced, I guess, but we can't really remember the exact moment when we met. Mr. Magic's earliest memory of me is of seeing me take my then boyfriend up to my room while Mr. Magic was playing board games with my roommates (1. I do NOT remember this at all. 2. This is NOT a great story to tell the aunts and cousins who want to know the sappy, romantic version of how we met). My first memory is of us sitting in a booth at a bar. I mentioned that I really needed a computer, and Mr. Magic mentioned that he really needed a girlfriend. I swear this happened...although my memory is the worst, and not that reliable, but I really feel this happened. Maybe.

I also remember my three roommates and I having a keg party, and he was there, and I was trying to dance with him, and his friends encouraged him, and he was very weird and nervous. And I was drunk.

I do know we met in the year 2002. Maybe in August. Or September?

This is kind of disappointing, isn't it? It's disappointing even to ME! We don't have the "Love at First Sight" story, but we also don't have the "We Always Knew the Other was The One" story. We had a very weird and awkward "courtship" at first, with me not wanting to jump into another relationship and both of us lacking the communication skills to talk about what we wanted.
Factor in Mr. Magic moving away and getting a new girlfriend, me going to grad school , and a lot of miscommunication, and it's amazing that we ever got back together in the first place! (That happened in 2004. I do know that.)

How did you and your SO meet? Have you ever embellished or changed the story to make it more appropriate or romantic? And I am the only person who doesn't remember how she met her partner???

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  1. I love it and soon you'll be famous! Have a great Thanksgiving.