Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gowns Galore

Yes, I have a problem. It's called "Being a Gemini."
Us Geminis, you see, have an astrological sign that is depicted by twins. Above on the left, you see the bad gemini qualities, on the right, the good. How can one person be both cheap and generous? And yet I am BOTH of those things. I'm also kind AND fickle and two-faced. I mean, seriously, I just can't win.

ALSO...I can't decide on a freaking dress. I blame it on my damn astrological sign. And so, here are some more pics, of dresses I tried on that I liked OK, but are not The Dress.

Yep. None of these are it. The only one that had a chance was the last one but I decided it was too trendy for a 31 year old bride to wear in October 2011. Those ruffled tiers are gonna be so last season by then.

Is YOUR astrological sign interfering with your decision making ability? Or have you found something else to blame your personality "differences" (NOT weaknesses) on?

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