Monday, June 28, 2010

E-Pics: Bring Your Own...

Wedding planning is kind of funny, in that most of the folks planning weddings have never done it before. So, each new experience is, well, new. And that means, you aren't sure how to do it. And by "you," I really mean "me."

So here's what I did right and what could be improved upon with the e-pics, aside from my anxiety.

What this Polar Bear did right:

1. Brought water for me, Mr PB, and our lovely photographers. It was hot, and the water was somewhat refreshing.

2. Brought 2 handheld fans I purchased from REI.

One was tiny, the other spritzed water. We didn't really use the water fan (hello, makeup disaster!) but it was nice to know they were there if we needed them.

3. Brought some blotting sheets along. My makeup artist said to get them, so I did.

4. Wore the best shoes in the entire world. I've posted about them before, but I'm not linking it here. I'm gonna surprise you with the awesome pro pics (when I get them).

5. Wore jewelry that had special meaning to me, or that I just really really love. Like my e-ring, bracelets that remind me of my sister, and a necklace from Mr. PB's mom.

What this Polar Bear could have done better:

1. Used the blotting sheets. Just an idea.

2. Brought bug spray! Oh my, the bugs started getting bad and I am a total mosquito magnet. I think we all walked away with at least ten fresh bites.

3. Thought more about what Mr. PB and I do to show each other affection. Like, he has always been into giving me kisses on my forehead. But I didn't think about it, and we were both kind of nervous so it didn't just naturally happen.

4. Gotten a magical bag that would float alongside us and carry the water, keys, sunglasses, fans, etc. for us. Our photographers ended up carrying our bag, because if we carried it, it was too hard for them to take pics of us - I'd have to put the bag down and it was just ruining the flow. I'm not really sure how to fix this, hence the magic bag. You know, like the one Hermione has that can hold anything, but is tiny and she can stuff it in her sock? Yeah, like that bag.


Ok, hopefully those tips are helpful for someone out there in weddingblog land. I cannot wait to see our pro pics!!!!

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  1. Katie, you're too funny! Let me just say that the water was a lifesaver! Literally!