Friday, June 18, 2010

"A surprise is coming on Monday"... - Part Deux

So, I'm watching in awe as these men bring in my shiny new washer and dryer. Then they say "OK, we'll be right back with the stove."

Miley Cyrus "Say What?" Montage
("OK, Miss Polar Bear has flipped," you're thinking. Look, I work with kids so I know a lot about Hannah Montana. Although I do like that Wizards of Waverly Place with that cutie pie Selena Gomez wayyyyyyy more.)

After having a Miley/Hannah moment...

"Delivery guy say what say what?!?!?"

I freaked out! I jumped up and said "We're getting a new stove TOO??? Wait, are we millionaires now????????????" Mr. Polar Bear assured me that we are not millionaires, that he got a great deal and his work had been going well, and thus he was upgrading some of our old, outdated things.

Woo-freaking-hoo* y'all! I have a new washer, dryer, and stove AND the *American Expletive Fixation is alive and well!

What has your SO surprised you with? Was it a good surprise or a bad one?

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