Thursday, September 1, 2011

Turns Out...

brownies from scratch are so much better than brownies from a box.

So, 'member when I wrote about middle brownies being da bomb, and you all posted a bunch of recipes, and I said I would make every single one? Well, I didn't do that...yet. But I did make four brownie recipes that The Hive suggested, and two from a box. After I did all that, I wiped my sweaty brow, declared that I hated brownies, and I never wanted to see, much less taste, a brownie again.

Then all my girlfriends came over and we ate the brownies and drank milk and wine. And all was better again.

Also, I made them taste test the six different brownies BLIND. I mean, I didn't blind them. But I put tiny brownie bites on plates, and a sticky note in front of each plate, so they could write their thoughts and opinions down. [Yeah, I should have taken photos of all this, but after baking six batches of brownies in a row, I was feeling a little bit lazy...sorry.]

It was completely obvious which brownies were made from a box and which were made from scratch, which really impressed me...I felt like they would be more similar, but clearly, I was so wrong. I might never be able to make brownies from a box again!

Guest Amy was the first person to respond to my previous brownie post, and she recommended salted fudge brownies. I was all like "Salt and fudge?!? Yes, please." So I made them.

Image and Recipe from Tasty Kitchen

Even though I over baked these (oops), they were delicious...definitely a favor of the ladies!

Coffecake suggested Alton Brown's Cocoa Powder I made 'em.
 Image and Recipe from the Food Network

These were really rich but also a crowd pleaser, and I think they got better the second day. And the third!

Cinnamon Bun recommended The Baked Brownie Spiced Up, and I made those too.
 Image and Recipe via Smitten Kitchen

It's tough to pick a favorite of the from scratch recipes I tried, but these spiced brownies were delicious, unexpected (the spice!), and perfect for our fall wedding.

And ksarena said her Peppermint Patty Brownies were amazing, so I made them as well.
Image and Recipe via All Recipes

These were delicious as well. One of my friends wrote "a tasty surprise" on the post it note under this plate, as the mint is a bit unexpected. I thought they were good but the mint is such a specific taste...I might try this recipe again with peanut butter cups.

The box mixes I made were

Image via Buy Her

and some other box mix by either Betty Crocker or Duncan paled in comparison to the ones from scratch so I erased it from my memory.

So, I'm definitely making the salted fudge brownies, the cocoa brownies, and the spicy baked brownies for sure. And maybe some others too. I think I can make them a couple days in advance because they all held up well.

And I promise, I will bake those other brownies y'all suggested too. But I don't necessarily promise that I will make them before the wedding, as time is tickin' over here.

So, I'm a little bit concerned I might be, I don't know, just a tad stressed in the days leading up to the wedding, and I'm not sure making brownies is the smartest decision I have ever made, but in true Magic-I'm-totally-gonna-over-commit-myself-fashion...I'm just gonna do it.

Have you over committed to anything regarding the wedding?

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