Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm So Over This

Alternate Title: "Why Are We Having a Wedding Again?"

Or, "Man, I'm Tired"

So, I'm kinda over all this wedding stuff. I mean, yes, I am excited to marry Mr. M and be his wife and all that. And, I'm excited to see all our friends and family. And I'm most excited to wear my pretty dress. Just kidding...not really.

But, I'm soooooooooooooo tireddddddddddd of making decisiooooooonnnnnnnnnnns [that's my whiny voice]. Like, for instance, what to name our tables. We could number them...or we could name them after cat breeds...or we could name them after Harry Potter things (like the Shrieking Shack and the Whomping Willow, and wouldn't it be fun to put people at the Slytherin table???)...or we could name them after trees, since we sorta have this tree theme going...sort of.

 The Whomping Willow via Harry Potter Lexicon

The Whomping Willow is a tree! OMG, also, I feel like I have ADHD all the time, and like I'm hopped up on meth too, not that I actually know what meth is like, but I can imagine. In my mind it's like "buttons, seating chart, hair, make up, rain, rain, tent, freaking tent, coffee, fall, leaves..." and on and on and on all freaking day and night long.


And then, favors. I mean, honestly, does anyone coming to my wedding really want a favor? I would be fine if I never, ever got a favor at a wedding again for as long as I live, to be honest. I mean, they are cute and all, but one cares. Right? Or do people talk smack about you if you don't have a favor? "OMG, I can't believe the Magics had cake, brownies, and s'mores, but couldn't even be bothered to get their guests a freaking favor!"

Also, I can already tell the seating chart is gonna be a freaking disaster. Has anyone ever assigned seats totally and completely randomly? Or, like, completely for your own amusement? Like, seating exes next to each other "on accident," or assigning those family members at war the same table? I'm just kidding, I would never do that.

I'm also not exactly sure why other stuff is still going on. For instance, work. Laundry. Tropical storms. I don't have tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime [whiny voice] for this mess. I need to make some lists and then not actually get anything done on the lists.

I swear I'll be into it again in a day or two, but right now I am so FREAKING over it. Have you ever felt over it?

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  1. Dude, you do way too much laundry! Just let it pile up for the next two months ;)

    But yeah, I think everyone gets "so over it" at some point. I know I did! That's when I started outsourcing a lot more, and caring a lot less if it was done 100% right. So maybe it's a good thing, if it can let you let go!