Monday, August 29, 2011

Expensive Gauzy Headpieces

I don't think I've told you about my veil yet. You’ve been waiting, I know. I’ve actually had my veil forevah-evah…I bought it before I bought my dress. Allow me to explain.

I tried on the dress that is The One, which I haven’t technically revealed to you fully yet, but did give you a partial view. OK, fine, here's another snippet. 

Crappy photo of lovely dress and Barbie veil, courtesy of Yours Truly

I hadn’t bought the gown yet, or even fully committed to it, but I had tried on veils with the dress that would become The One, and I knew that the veil I wanted was a Barbie veil. That’s not the actual name for it.

I guess cathedral veils are really in these days, but when I tried those on, they made me feel like, um, what’s the expression? A wolf in sheep’s clothing? No. A whore in church? Eh, closer. It made me feel, basically, like I was pretending to be something I wasn’t.

But then I tried on the Barbie veil, and it made me feel happy and floofy and like dancing! People also kept trying to put it lower down on the back of my head, which I guess is more classy or something. I was like “Heck no, y’all, stick it up there near the top for maximum floofiness!” And then they had to listen to me because I am the bride.

Image via Wow Dolls

I went to a Brides Against Breast Cancer event, trying to find The One. The dress was not there, they had had it, but sold it in Ohio or something. But then I tried on some veils, and they had a Barbie one for sixty bucks! Which I still thought was outrageous, but the new one I had tried on previously was 220$.

I bought the veil, which is an elbow length two layered double ribbon edged veil. It was too white for my dress, but the lovely ladies at Victorian Rose (where I bought my dress in Raleigh) tea dyed it for me for free, and now it matches perfectly! 

And that’s the story of how I got a veil before the dress. Did you buy anything “out of order”?

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