Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Magic Plan

Last time I whined a lot about working out and how I don’t wanna miss this on television this week.
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This time, I’m getting serious. For real. I heard you guys loud and clear about drinking water and exercising in the living room during commercials, and I am taking it to heart (except True Blood...which just watching shirtless Eric is a workout, eeper, I totally agree!). The carbs thing, I shall consider...are garlic fries made of carbs?

 I’m hoping that by broadcasting my workout intentions to all of you, I will be pressured shamed guilted encouraged to actually following through with this plan I have imposed upon myself.

The plan is freaking awesome, y’all. It involves working out at least five days a week (I know, I got tried just typing those words), combining Couch to 5K (or C25K for y’all in the know) with yoga. Each day I do either C25K or yoga, I’ll also do some toning of my legs, arms, or abs. Here’s what this week looks like in The Magic Plan:

Sunday: The Day of Rest
Monday: C25K-Week One Day One +Legs
Tuesday: Yoga (1 hr)
Wednesday: C25K +Abs
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Yoga (1.5 hr) +Arms
Saturday: C25K-Week One Day Three +Legs

The Couch to 5K plan is great for me, because it is an interval plan that starts off with running one minute and walking one and a half minutes.

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The gradual pace means I’m less likely to get too sore, pass out, or get a migraine. Plus, I really like the idea of being a runner again. I used to run in high school, and could run 15 miles no problem. I would like to be able to run a 5K again without passing out or vomiting.

The yoga classes I go to are actually really great! I’ve gone to a variety of yoga classes before, and most of them were too quiet or boring and left me feeling restless and like I had just wasted my time. These classes, though, are awesome – the instructor is hilarious, always mixes things up, and doesn’t leave me feeling like I just said “om” for an hour straight… not that there’s anything wrong with that….

For legs, I do the leg press squat machine thingy, the outer thigh machine thingy, and the inner thigh machine thingy. And like, good old regular squats.

For arms, I do the assisted pull-up machine, assisted dip machine, and some free weight moves.

For abs…well, I don’t have a great routine here. Crunches…crunches to the side (technical, huh?)…crunches on a ball…planks…the hundreds, that crazy Pilates move. I’m not exactly sure about the efficacy of any of these exercises though. Some people say crunches are whack. But, it’s better than nothing, right?

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So far, I’ve done Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and half of Wednesday (I did the C25k, haven't gotten to the abs yet...) of this week. And I feel pretty good, although my appetite and laundry have both dramatically increased.

And since the motivation was really flowing from everyone yesterday, I'm asking...what's your favorite workout song? Mine is List of Demands (Reparations) by Saul Williams...I stole it straight from this Nike commercial:

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