Friday, September 9, 2011

Dress Doubt Disorder: Part 2

I am having another attack of dress doubt disorder!!!!!! Cue freak out here.

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The good news is, unlike the last bout of this disorder (which is apparently cyclic), the doubt is not about my wedding gown. That is amazing and beautiful and basically the best dress in the world. Insert sigh of relief here.

The bad news is, the doubt is back and I think it's here for a legitimate reason this time. You see, as a church going little girl raised in the South, my grandma taught me that you cannot wear white after Labor Day. And what color is my rehearsal dinner dress?

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It's super white and shiny! You know, for our casual NC bbq rehearsal dinner! Fail.

I bought this dress in the summer, when the birds were singing and the sun is shining. Now it's all pumpkin spiced lattes and back to school and AFTER FREAKING LABOR DAY. My grandma would not approve of this.

So, what to do? Try to dye it (it's polyester)? Sell it (it's a size 4, brand new, in case you're interested)? Try to "fall it up" with a cardigan and accessories? Embrace the whiteness and wear it, even if it's a total mismatch with BBQ and hushpuppies? a new dress. Like, I don't about this one!

Anyone else get season confused when purchasing wedding attire?

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  1. You're the bride. I think you can still wear white! I don't think Grandma would be too upset - brides wear white! It's what we do :) I like the idea of a cute cardie and accessories...

    But hey, if you decide to sell it, interested party right here! LOL