Friday, September 30, 2011

Bestest, Most Easiest, Most Makes Me Smile Project Ever

I'm not super into jewelry. I tend to wear cheap silver hoops, my e-ring, and these other pieces almost every day. They are classic and easy and I love them.
Mine has an emerald though / Image via Tiffany and Co.

But for the wedding, I was all confused. Do I go simple or bold? Classic or modern or funky? A whole slew of my friends told me I "didn't need a necklace" with my gown, which totally bummed me out (even though, as per usual, they are right). So...what to do, what to do?

I asked my cousin and aunt if they had any of my grandma's jewelry that might be appropriate, and they sent me a box with many pieces of beautiful and sentimental jewelry. It was so nice to look through the lovely pieces and remember my grandma wearing them on holidays or at church. 

 That sparkly broach in the middle caught my eye!

I decided to use a coupon and get some pearl beads from Michael's to see how a bracelet would look with the rhinestone broach. I was thinking a three strand bracelet, because I like wearing thick bracelets - they make me feel like a super hero. So I mocked it up and it looked like this:

And then I was stuck. Now what? (This happens frequently lately. I think I am all decision-ed out.)

My friend Beth suggested I go to The Bead Store. "After all," she said, "you don't want to have a Sex and the City situation going on." I knew, immediately and exactly, what she was thinking - when Samantha broke her bracelet and the beads went flying everywhere at Charlotte's wedding. Yeah, that would be bad.

So since I had no idea how to add a clasp to these strands or even what type of string to use (how about some striped twine?), and I wanted the bracelet to fit just right and not fly off my wrist, I took myself over to The Bead Store. The very helpful manager told me I could string it myself for seven dollars (cost of clasp and wire, plus finishing fee for her to add the clasp for me) or she could do the whole thing for about 25$. I told her I could do it myself if she helped me, and help she did!

Since the rhinestone piece was a broach with a sturdy pin intact, I just threaded the wire under the pin back and started stringing pearls.

 I made three strands, then adjusted it to fit my freakishly tiny wrists. Pro tip: You could do that from the beginning and just not string as much! (I pro tips are freaking amazing.)

She added a fancy clasp that held each of the three pearl strands even and secure, and voila!

Seriously, this project took around twenty minutes, cost me about 10$ (for pearls, wire, clasp, and finishing help), and resulted in a beautiful and sentimental bracelet for me to rock on my wedding day - and my something old! 

Thanks to The Bead Store! I wish all wedding projects could be so painless. If you live in the Raleigh - Durham area, and need jewelry assistance in any way, I wholeheartedly recommend them. For reals.

I love my bracelet sooooooooo much. I keep showing it to unsuspecting people (like the UPS guy) who stop by my house: "Look what I [kinda] made!" 

Did you have an easy project that made your heart smile?

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  1. wow! that is seriously amaazing, I want you to make me one!