Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Invitation Process

The Invitation Process that nearly killed me, that is.

OK, so you saw my lovely inspiration and my notsolovely pencil and paper sketches last time. My awesome stepmom took my sketches and designed these guys:

 Incorporating our heart, the stripes I love, and the scrolly and bold-y fonts
Matching our Save the Dates
I liked the stripes of the first one, and the mixture of scrolly and bold fonts, but I really wanted it more like my original sketch. So we chatted about that and she sent me these:

Definitely on the right track! I loved the stripes and scrolly border thingy. I liked the blocky font but felt we could do better on the scrolly font. I also wasn't sure the heart from our tree save the date fit looked a little out of place. And Mr. Magic thought "Get a room" sounded crass on the accommodations card. That man is constantly trying to class me up.

I ran these drafts by my new friend and now fellow NC bee, Mrs. Cola, and she introduced me to Da Font. I got as far as B in the alphabet when I found BlackJack, and was sold on that one, especially since it was free. Score!

So, here's the final versions, in all their colorful, fun, awesome glory!
Yes, general awesomeness.
We nixed the "write us a note" and thank goodness we did. My bridesmaid, Bunny, received our invitation, proclaimed then cute, and then said "I'm so glad you didn't make me write you a note on your invitation. I hate that crap."

 Instead of getting a room, you can now be accommodated.

Then...I made heartsys on my Silhouette (that nearly killed me), tied them on with some freaking cute twine which had the incredible ability to make me so happy ("Ohemgee, such cute twine, I just wanna marry it!") and kill me ("Why did I decide to cut and tie all this stupid effing twine???"), stuffed them in envelopes sans envelope liners (Really. Envelope liners? I was so over that with the STDs), stuck my like fifth choice for stamps on them and moved the hell on.

 Pro tip: Thread all the damn cutesy hearts first, then cut the twine. 
It may save you a total of five minutes.

 Sorry for the grainy pic. That is totally my fault.

So, I love these little bastards beauties. I was glad to be rid of them though. And I have to say, my favorite part of the invitation process is getting the RSVPs back in the mail!

Did you have to go through several iterations to get your invitations just right?


  1. They are even prettier in person! <3

  2. wow! I love the cut out heart with your initials and the string! it ties everything together...great job!