Thursday, September 22, 2011

You're the Inspiration!

You've seen a sneak peek of my invitations here, but I wanted to back up and tell you how I was inspired. Ever since I first started reading Weddingbee, I was always way into the invitation posts, and extremely impressed by everyone on the blog and boards. I mean, I even ordered a damn Gocco for Pete's sake (and no, I still do not know how to use it).

I think it would have been mad awesome to say "Hey, guess what? I made those invitations!" But, I probably would have had to say that through a mic stuck in my padded cell at a mental institution. So, I got someone else to do it themselves, that someone else being my fabulous and talented stepmom.

Here is the inspiration I have been lusting over!

Yeah, so, I knew what invitations I liked that others had made...but I didn't know what I wanted, really. I wanted them to be colorful, casual, and fun. And for them to incorporate a heart with our initials in it. I drew up some mockups with a pencil and paper, because I am old school like that, and also because I have zero technological skills. It's pretty impressive that I can type, actually.

If you'd like, I can use a paper, pencil, and ruler, and sketch out some invitations for you!

Where did you get your inspiration from, and how did you put your ideas down on paper - literally, or with, like, technology?

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