Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Problem with Address Labels

It may very well just be a Magic-specific problem, but I have run into some problems with beautiful sticker address labels that I created myself. I wanted to post about this as a Public Service to brides around the world, as well as to find out if I just have some sort of specific disability when it comes to mailing things.

The first time around was with the Save the Dates. I made beautiful wrap around address labels, and many recipients told me that their envelope was all marked up when it got to them. Also, at least four were returned, because the post office thought our address (on the back) was the send to address. Boo. 

For the invitations (post coming soon!), I nixed the problematic wraparound label and created beautiful, straight forward sticker address labels with my Silhouette - you know, that machine that I barely know how to use. I printed them on full page sticker paper and had the Silhouette cut them out. It made me want to die, and caused me to write this post and this one too about how much everything sucks. But the labels were cute in the friendly end.

Cute but not necessarily functional as FOUR invitations have already been returned to us because the address label somehow got scraped off and therefore the address was unreadable. What. The. Hell.

Have you had this problem with sticky address labels? Or is this a Magic specific problem?

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  1. I used paper wraparound's on my engagement invites and had some come back because they had ripped going through the postal machine...(plus, it was raining the WHOLE week and numerous invites got wet in the sending process :(... )

    So for the thank you's I did what you did and used address stickers on the front only. LUCKILY I didn't have any returned to I'm hoping everyone got them ok!!!