Sunday, February 13, 2011

Save the Dates: The Inspiration

Here's a tip, from me to you. When looking for inspiration for your save the a dates, do not, under any circumstance, do a google search for "STD pictures." Just trust me on this one, and you won't lose your lunch.

My step mom did graphic design work in the past, and still does some small projects occasionally. I asked her if she would be willing to design our STDs, and she said yes! So I threw a bunch of inspiration her way!

Inspiration #1: Mrs. Stripes Save the Date
I have a bit of a crush on Mrs. Stripes over at Weddingbee. I know, she's totally taken and all, and I suppose I am too. But everything she does is so amazing and I just want to eat it up, including this amazing Save the Date.

STD Madness: The Details :  wedding los angeles save the dates 7 7 
Inspiration #2: Classic & Mature Tree Themed STD.
See, we are having this kinda-sorta-it-just-fell-into-place tree theme. So we could incorporate that into our STDs as well. I mean, we are getting married in the fall, so it makes sense. But while this image is so pretty, it's a little...serious. Our wedding is hopefully going to be a colorful, fun, lovefest (um, but not an orgy). So I like this idea, but maybe tweaked a bit...

Inspiration #3: Bit More Fun Tree Theme. The below image I love because it is more colorful! I love the carved initials in the tree, and the background colors of the sky and grass. I love the scrolly font with the more blocky font (yes, those are technical terms).

I can't wait to see what my step mom comes up with, and get these babies out into the world so people can, of course, get their STD on! Where did you find your inspiration? Did you design them yourself or delegate?


  1. Mr. Tattoo is a graphic designer so he is doing ours. ^_^

  2. Ohh I totally love Mrs. Stripe's STD's. I'm pretty sure I"ll be designing mine, since I delegated the invite design to a good friend ;)

  3. i found my save the date inspiration online from a blog, but loved making it our own. we designed it ourselves and had a friend take the photos but for the most part, i was a big fan of delegation. The card box, the ring bearer's pillow, the OOT bags, and the candy buffet were my big delegations.