Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Engagement Story: The Proposal

You probably previously perused my post on pressure prior to the proposal. OK, the Ps are annoying, I'll try to stop.

Anyway, it was Thanksgiving 2009, and no proposal. I was plenty pissed (ha!). But soon after, Mr. Magic assured me that he had a ring - presumably, The Ring. Then, he asked if I wanted to go to dinner on a weeknight, after work, to meet his best friend's parents. Oh also, this was on our faux anniversary...we can't remember when we met or got together, so we just made it up.

Normally on a weekday, after I go to my full time job I either go to my part time job or I go home and veg out (or I beg him to go out with me for Mexican food). I'm pretty lazy and not into going to fancy restaurants in the middle of the week so I knew something was up. Plus, his best friend is kind of like a brother to him...they have known each other forever. So meeting the best friend's parents was kind of like meeting The Magic Family all over again.

I'm no dummy. I knew that it went like this:
First get the approval of these important people, then get engaged.
I'm really familiar with the concept of "First - Then" because it is an effective strategy when working with folks with autism!

I got home from work, hurriedly threw on a black short sleeved blouse, my nice Banana Republic trousers, and some black heels. We went to dinner at the oh so yummy Spice Street. I don't remember precisely what I had, but it was probably the duck. I love the duck there.
Spice Street
I think the parents liked me just fine, especially since the mom looked pointedly at Mr. Magic and said something like "She seems like a nice girl...what's taking you so long?" My thoughts exactly!

After dinner, he asked if I wanted to go for a walk, maybe on campus. I balked at that idea because although we both went to UNC-Chapel Hill and it is a lovely campus, it's not very us. We didn't know each other while we were both in school there and we haven't spent any meaningful time on campus together. Since we had plans to watch the UNC - Michigan State game later that night at our local bar anyway, I suggested we head to Carrboro and walk under the Christmas lights there.

We wound up in a parking lot outside of Carr Mill Mall and Weaver Street, a hippie type all natural organic co-op grocery store that sells ear candles. Never used an ear candle, you say? I was told they "get all the evil out" by a friend, and we used to use them before exams in college. It was a fun way to procrastinate.
Please don't be jealous that your engagement story does not include reminiscing about ear candles.
It was a cold, clear Winter night and the white Christmas lights were twinkling above us (yes, I'm trying to get away from ear candles and back to the romance.) We walked about twenty feet away from the parking lot and I pointed out the statue of a woman (below). Despite taking French classes in this building for a year, I had never noticed this outdoor art...or the chuppah and fence that were made out of sticks.
In my nervousness, I said "Hey look, it's a cupola." I meant to say it was a chuppah, but I, for some reason (nerves!), said "cupola" instead.
Fun Fact: One of my bridesmaids made out in a cupola in high school.
I am not saying which one though :coughBunnycough:.
Mr. Magic said "What's a cupola?" and I said "It's a thing Jewish people get married under...although this one looks a lot like those creepy sticks hanging from trees in the Blair Witch Project."
Creepy cupola/chuppah was actually very us because we love to watch scary movies like the Blair Witch Project!
He said "I think this is the perfect spot" or something like that, and got down on one knee (with a visual prompt from me) and asked me to marry him. I said yes (duh...winning!) but I had kept my gloves on, so when he went to put the ring on my finger, he couldn't! It was funny to me.

The ring was about three sizes too big because apparently my left hand is even more skeletal than my right, but who cared? We called our moms and then walked to the bar where a bunch of our friends were waiting to watch the game. We shared the big news and drank PBR. And the Heels won!

In short, our engagement story happened on a Tuesday night. I think I ate duck. The weather was cold. We walked near a parking lot, under twinkle lights, near some sticks that looked like something straight out of the Blair Witch Project. We got engaged. We saw friends, drank PBR, and cheered the Heels on.

It was perfect, and perfectly us.

Was your engagement so you?


  1. Awww, that is a sweet proposal story! Anything that ends with PBR is a good thing.

    I am intrigued by this whole ear candle thing..

  2. I love when proposals are personal! C knew I wanted ours to be special to us, and it was.

  3. I love when the proposals are very "you"/"us" what have you. Sure, big gaudy proposals can be awesome too, but there's something to be said for relationship-sentiment. Our proposal story was very "us" as well - I plan on sharing it soon!