Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two's a Pom Pom, One's a Pom*

FLOOFY! It's like fluffy, but on crack and way better. Not that being on crack is way better. I mean, I wouldn't know, seeing as how I stay away from the hard drugs. Erm, all drugs.

OK. Poms. Floofy, fluffy poms. Here's the scoop on how to make them and some tips that may or may not make things go quicker.

Step 1: Procure the Goods. Get some yarn (preferably on sale or with a coupon, or both FTW). It doesn't have to be fancy, any yarn will do. Get some sharp scissors. And decide if you want to invest in a pom making gadget (I did) or use a piece of cardboard or your own hand.
This is the Clover Pom Maker.
I got this double pack at Michael's - it makes big'uns and medium sized ones, too.
Retails for 7$ plus a 40% off coupon is, well, less.

Step 2: Prep the Yarn. Did you know that there is a certain way to unravel the yarn??? Me freaking neither! On some bundles of yarn there is a visual that tells you what to do, but basically there is one end that you pull out from under the paper part and leave hanging, and then you pull the other end out of the middle of the yarn, and that's the end you work from. I think this is so it doesn't get tangled? 

Step 3: Wind it Up. Lift two arms on one side. It's tough to see in the crappy pics that I took myself, thankyouverymuch, but below there are two "arms" stacked one on top of each other.
Take a piece of yarn and hold it in your hand on top of the pom, and start wrapping. You have to hold the loose piece at first...
...but then you will wrap the yarn around 4 or 5 times, and just wrap around the loose end so it holds on it's own. It's ok if it sticks out! (And yes, that is my ring!)
Keep winding. When you get to this stage... are NOT done. I tried to finish here, and ended up with sad, non-floofy balls that my cats immediately shredded with one paw jab. You have to keep winding it around and around until it looks like this:
Then close that side and do the other.
Lift the two arms together and wind, wind, wind, that yarn!
Close those two arms and look at it from the side. It should look like this:

Step 4: Cut it Up. See, in the above picture, where those two arms leave a space? There is a ridge all the way around. Put your very sharp scissors in that ridge and snip, snip, snip, all the way around.

When you are down snipping, it will look like this from the top...
...and this from the side.

Step 5: Tie it Up. Cut a piece of yarn, about 12 inches. You are going to put the yarn in the ridge and pull it tight in the middle and tie in a knot...see?
I like to tie it on one side, then the opposite side, then back to each side to tie it once more. Pull it tight but not so tight that the yarn snaps. You'll know it's too tight if the yarn snaps. Helpful, no?

Step 6: Release the Kraken Pom. Pull the arms up on one side and then the other.

Then pull the two sides apart. Your pom will be released at long last!

Step 7: Preen and Trim. Fluff up the pom and then cut off the long or scraggly pieces. If pieces are falling out right and left, then you either didn't "Wind it Up" enough, or you didn't "Tie it Up" tightly enough. It's ok, just throw it to the cat and try again. (If only two or three pieces fall out and the rest seem snugly bound together, then you're golden.)

Now you have one floofy pom measuring three inches across, and a serious pom making addiction. Hey, it's way better and more cost friendly than being addicted to crack!

Possible Tips:
- I read somewhere that it is quicker to cut the yarn into four long pieces first and then wrap it around four pieces at a time. You would have to cut 4 four yard pieces I think...if my calculations are correct...which they might not be.... I personally think it takes longer to measure the yarn than just to wind it up. Seriously, it takes maybe two minutes (or three) to make one pom. But, if it is an assembly line process, this would be a helpful step.
- Make your poms in front of the TV. Time flies when you're having fun and watching GLEE your favorite show too!

Don't you want to make poms now? If you have any questions, let me know!

*Do you know what TV show this line is from?


  1. So freaking cute--I think this is one of the easiest looking pom tutorials I've seen! I really wish I could think up a reason to make these post-wedding! Maybe I'll bookmark this for Christmas, and I could make a floofy wreath out of them?

  2. @Morgan - you should definitely make a pom wreath! I am thinking about making one for the wedding too, so I'll share that when I do!

    @jacin - Haha, I think I included every step just to be overly thorough - but it really is super easy! And addictive - that pom maker should come with some kind of warning on it!