Sunday, February 20, 2011

Feasible Faux Flowers

There are a boatload of options for those of us who want to make our own faux* flowers, either because we are poor, cheap, or just gluttons for punishment DIY goddesses. I'm all of the above, and am planning on making faux flowers for decorating purposes, and possibly for corsages or boutonnieres. I prefer my flowers, faux and real, to be as floofy as possible, but I do love all of these faux flowers- so let the inspiration party begin!

Paper Faux Flowers
There is really no end to the type of flower one can make out of paper, and the good news is, paper is inexpensive! Plus, it doesn't require much skill other than measuring, cutting, and folding...over and over and over.

The above two images are amazing! I love how the large flower balls hang above the tables and the smaller ones are on the napkins. I wonder if those ones on the napkins are attached to a ribbon or elastic so guests can wear them on their wrists or in their hair. They are so fluffy, like carnations! Love it!

I am personally so into corsages and boutonneires. They hearken back to a sweeter, simpler makes me think of dances in the 50s. And how many excuses does a gal (or guy) have to walk around wearing a flower? Not enough, I say! I think these would be great for the bridal party, special guests of honor, or all the guests.

These tissue paper flowers poms I have made myself, and you can read all about it here. They are super easy peasy, y'all.

I think these are amazing and I love how they can be made out of any paper, like old books. They look complicated as hell though, and are a bit too angular for my taste.

See? You can even make a faux rose! These look easy but do not pass my floofiness test.

Fabric & Ribbon Faux Flowers
Fabric is a bit more intimidating than paper, I think, but ribbon is somewhere in the middle of the difficulty spectrum. With these two mediums (it sounds like I know what I am talking about, doesn't it?), you have to worry about fraying and whether you should cut with the grain or against the grain (I don't know what the answer to that is [hell, I'm not even sure if "grain" is the correct term], but you should probably find out if you're gonna make one of these bad boys). I love all of these, but again, not quite up to my high floofy standards.

More wrist corsages! These look really comfy, with the silky ribbon to tie around the wrist and the soft flower fabric.

This one looks pretty simple to make as well and could be cute on a sash or as a hair clip.

Love the color and the button in the middle. I would wear this any day of the week.

Of course this is from Style Me Pretty. Who else would put silk rosettes on a paper bag?!? This site gives me a complex but damn, they do it up nicely!

Yarn Faux Flowers
Ahem. Behold the mecca of floofy flowers. Actually, flowers is a misnomer probably. I'm sorry if I have misled you. These are more like fluffy, floofy balls - my favorite! [That's what she said? Yes? No?] I may or may not be in love with them. OK, I am!

Yarn Pom Poufs-City Cradle

It's super lucky for me that these yarn flower floof balls are my favorite, because they are also the easiest to make! In the next post I'm gonna show you how and give you my amazing time saving tip, but I feel like I should warn you: Making Yarn Poms is Insanely Addictive. Also, your cats will love them.

Which faux flower is your favorite?

*Always use "faux" and never use "fake." The word "faux" makes people think of France, baguettes, and the Eiffel Tower. The word "fake" makes people think of boob jobs.


  1. Haha! Agree with faux vs. fake. Always faux.

    And I'm absolutely in love with the hanging tissue paper puff balls. Tried making one myself and it's not TOO bad, but I still may leave it to the pros (aka Etsy) ;)

  2. Haha you are hilarious! I love the Martha tissue poms, did you know you cam totally get them at Michaels in a kit? These are so pretty, almost makes a gal wanna be crafty again! :D