Monday, November 8, 2010

Themes and ADD

I'm not really into wedding themes. Maybe because I can't pick one. I am a Gemini, afterall!

Vintage? Carnival? Nature-y? Colorful and flowerful? Modern? Classic? Yes, please! I love them all!

So once we decided on the season, I started thinking about what we (ok I, let's be real here), wanted our wedding to look like. My stream of consciousness went a little something like this...

"...I love fall. All the pretty trees. Trees are good. Kind of unoriginal though. Let's see... Leaves. Lots of colors, green, yellow, orange. Jack o lanterns. Pumpkins. Pumpkin spice latte. Coffee shops.
College. I wish I was in college again. Midterms suck though. I could rock some corduroy skirts with tights and boots in a coffee shop. Let's go shopping. Budget. Bills. Ick. Stressed. Need coffee.
Boots! Why don't boots ever fit right? Hockey puck, rattle snake, monkey monkey underpants...."

I think I am just a little bit ADD, like Lorelai in this clip from the best show ever, aka Gilmore Girls.

Ahem. Time to FOCUS.

Recently BM Pumpkin and I went to check out the site to see how it looks this time of year, since this time next year I'll be gettin' hitched there! I noted that the pond looks a bit, um, murky, so maybe we could get married in front of a tree instead....the tree in the top center of the below montage.

Then, it just all clicked...well, after BM Pumpkin suggested it! We could also do a tree guest book!
Do I sense a theme coming on? You tell me!

Plus, we have this amazing tree picture from our engagement shoot! 
SamoanCuban Photography, currently based in Seattle!

Maybe we can have our "sitting in a tree" pic blown up on a canvas and hung up? Or put beside our guestbook tree? Maybe include a tree carved with a heart and our initials on our invite? It's not super original...but does it have to be? And is this a THEME, per se, or just part of our decor style? I'm thinking more the latter, but you tell me!


  1. yes...yes....YES
    Katie this is a great idea, don't worry if something is "unoriginal" because there is not many things that haven't been done. but i do love this idea! :)

    ~sister polar bear

  2. Ah yes, the theme... I've been asked what my theme is and I just sputter and sort of have a blank look. I love your tree theme though! And your engagement picture is absolutely amazing. Love it!

  3. I LOVE how things are taking shape with your wedding! And I adore weddings under trees! That last picture is just adorable, DO IT!

  4. Oh wow! This enthusiasm is awesome guys! I think sometimes we brides get bogged down in being original and since we spend our work day, I mean, our free time surfing the internet on wedding blogs, everything starts to look so UNoriginal. So I am loving the positive vibe from these comments!

  5. am looooooving some trees up in here... but then, you already knew that! :)

    -BM C

  6. Glad to hear that things are shaping up for you! The same thing kind of happened with my wedding, the "theme" sort of crystallized and from there everything just fell into place! Good luck with trees, I think that is a GREAT theme!

  7. omg looooooooooooooooooove your tree engagement pic!!!

  8. p.s. We did something similar with a tree/bird "theme". Ugh I can't even really use the word theme. I hate it. It wasn't a theme anyway, it was like you said....more of a decor style. I doubt anyone else even noticed! HAHA. Whatever you do will be awesome!

  9. i had to do my e-pics in the fall because i couldn't get married in the fall. So great theme!

  10. Hi Katie, found you on wedding bee. It's nice to commiserate with other brides!