Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Original Thoughts: Part Two

In Part One of this, um, two part series, I thought I had come up with an original idea in my own head, and it turned out that it wasn't so original after all.

In this part, though, well...I am basically shamelessly stealing other bride's ideas. OK, it's not exactly like that. I do have a little shame.
Actually, I don't have quite as much shame as this dog.

So, you wanna know what I am pirating and totally passing off as my own original idea (except to you, dear reader)? Here we go!

Save the Dates! Here are Mrs. Stripes's STDs, which I mostly shamelessly Bogarted.
STD Madness: The Details :  wedding los angeles save the dates 8 8
STD Madness: The Details :  wedding los angeles save the dates 9 9
I mean, for real y'all. A cartoon? Of the happy couple in a photobooth strip?? With their pets????

I die. (I nicked that expression from wedding blogger land too. It's all like, "I die because that is so freaking cute and I need it right now, even if is as trendy as hair fascinators and Uggs.")

So yeah, hopefully we will have our own version of that lovely STD, and thanks to Mrs. Stripes for the idea!

Also, I pinched this guest book idea from multiple brides and blogs:
Mine at Last: All in the Details :  wedding norfolk pictures pro pics recap 202012 20201
Our Wedding Tree :  wedding guestbook Img 89003
The Poodles' Guestbook – Help! :  wedding diy guestbook 6 TREE1

Australia Rock 'n Roll Retro Wedding
And this one!

Shoes I yoinked from the amazingly stylish Mrs. Scissors!

Photo by SamoanCuban Photography

They are Louboutins. They are flats, great for my lanky 5'10" frame. They are made out of cork, and they spell L-O-V-E! Who could resist? Not this chickadee! I bought my own, although breaking into Mrs. Scissor's house and actually stealing-stealing hers might have been more cost effective. But, of course, illegal. And bad bride behavior!

I'm sure there are other things I have ganked as well - bunting, paper garlands made from books, chalkboard signs, a s'mores bar...all of these things have been done before at many other weddings. I worried (excessively, as per usual) that I was unoriginal and lame! But then I realized three important things.

1. NO ONE, except us bridal blogging freaks, knows about these ideas! The other day, someone told me about a "really original and unique" guest book idea. The idea was to make a photo book of the bride and groom, and have the guests sign around the photos. To me, with the bridal region of my brain over developed and in hyperdrive, I was pretty sure that this concept, while very sweet and perfectly functional, has been around for awhile. However, the guests at this wedding were RAVING about what a clever and unique idea it was! Awesome! Why do we put all this pressure on ourselves (or, unintentionally, on each other?) to be the most unique, beautiful, and awesome bride, party planner, and hostess EVER? It's too much.

2. Inspiration runs in a circle. It goes round and round. Rap stars these days are dressing like people dressed in the 1980s, rockin' stone washed denim and bright colors. And stonewashed denim is never a good idea, fellows.

So yeah, the whole wedding world is blowin' up with milk glass and candy buffets right now, but in 2020 it's gonna be all like, I don't know, leg warmers and helicopters. It's just a shift in time and fashion and, um, air, and we're just floating along for the ride.

3. I'm marrying the man I love, and that's pretty unique and individual for US. The details are fun and boy do I love thinking and dreaming and planning our wedding, but, none of those things really matter next to our vows and our lives together. I think it is sometimes tough to remember that starting a marriage is the point of all of this, especially for me, a girl who LOVES to plan and host parties. But I am going to keep reminding myself of that whenever I begin to get bogged down in details and/or lose focus.

Are you as much of a thief as I am? Do you get bogged down in the pressure to be unique and individual? Are you impressed with how many different synonyms I used for the verb "steal"?

[*An alternative title to this post might have been Slang Synonyms for Stealing! And here is a clip from my all time favorite episode of Sex and The City that very effectively demonstrates the meaning of the term "Bogart." Scroll to the 6:30 mark, but really the whole video is hi-freaking-larious.]


  1. There is so much goodness out there to be ganked. That being said, a few weeks before our wedding I deleted ALL the wedding blogs from my Google Reader (except Weddingbee of course) because I felt like things were really coming together well and I wanted them to fall in place naturally. I agree, no one will know if your ideas have been around the wedding blog block at your wedding!

  2. I totally felt like the most un-creative person when planning our wedding, because I stole so many of my ideas from blogs. But then I realized that while I'm reading blogs obsessively, our guests would certainly not be. So, I proudly displayed all my stolen ideas, and our guests thought they were creative and unique and special to our wedding alone!