Monday, November 1, 2010

Apparently, Arranging Flowers IS a Talent!

And not a talent that I have, either. Sidenote: when I was younger, I convinced myself that I was a super awesome skier and that skiing was My Talent. When I finally went skiing at the age of 20, I realized that this was not true. I am not a secret talented skier, nor am I a secret talented flower arranging fool.

Let's start at the beginning.

I'm kind of lazy. So even though I knew that a Farmer's Market existed in town, and in the next town, and in the capital nearby, um, I never quite made it over there. Until there was a ring on my finger!
Cause everyone knows...
Well, for this Southern bride it does, anyway.

Since the one year countdown has officially begun (362 days left!), I figured it'd be a good time to check out some flowers and see what NC has to offer this time of year. We're planning on having my bouquet professionally done, and the girls' flowers too. But the centerpieces are totally do it myself, with the lovely milk glass I have been collecting all this time - yay for long engagements!

Mr. Magic, having missed me for a week while I was off baby sitting, even offered to go to the State Farmer's Market with me! Course by the time we made it out of the house, only one of the farmer's markets was still open. Whatevs.

First, we found some awesome pumpkins! And they are cheaper than any other pumpkins I have seen so far.

Yay for pumpkins! I mean, I'm not gonna have like a million jack o lanterns chillin' or anything. I'm just thinking something like this:
PumpkinAisle.jpg image by NoAngelsThisTime

Or this:


Then, we stumbled upon some flowers. Ch-ch-check it out!

These are pretty and colorful, no?

I bought these for 12 bucks!

Like my enormous sunglasses? I know, they are kinda ridiculous.

OK, so here's where things got all challenging. I thought to myself "Sweet! Ima go home and divvy these up into some milk glass vases. So easy! Dunzo!"

Um, hmmm. NOT so easy. Turns out, there is a reason people pay to have professionals do this. Who knew? Certainly not me. My apologies to everyone in the flower industry.

They aren't bad, but they look a little...rough. I think part of the problem is the extra leafy greenery. Maybe the stems are too long. Maybe it's too colorful. Maybe someone can just volunteer to do this part for me?

Did you ever tackle a seemingly easy wedding task, just to find that it was much more difficult than you anticipated?


  1. I think they look really good! The extra leafs are the main problem, maybe add a really light flower color, to break up the bright colors. But I love the colors and the milk glass!

    ~Sister Polar Bear

  2. They do look really good! I love the colors! We did our own flowers for the wedding (my mom is a florist) and she had us go through all the flowers and pull off the leafy greens save for only the first layer. Then she used prettier greens (babies breath, thistle and the like) to make the bottom area look less sparse!

  3. Girllll.. I use to work at the local Krogers in my hometown and I got to work in the floral dept for Valentines Day and Sweetest Day. I was so excited and thought "Hmm.. what an easy job".. but that was until I actually had to make arrangements. It's totally harder than people think, lol. Good luck!

  4. I love the colors you get to work with, almost makes me wish we are getting married in the Fall (but then I'd have to change everything, and I couldn't deal with that). I haven't tackled enough DIY to figure out what my limitations are yet.

  5. Awesome post! I'm totally on the milk glass buying train. I bought some flowers for the first time in a long time and I learned that I am definitely not a naturally talented flower arranger.

  6. Thanks for the comment too!

    A custom suit up here - three piece - will cost about $1600. But things are definitely more expensive in Canada so I imagine you'd be able to find made to measure for less.

    And yes, Finlay is a Westie!