Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Insipiration Board: The Remix

I posted my original inspiration board here, but Mr. PB said it was too country - and he was right, as always (inside joke).

So this one is more what we, ok really, I am thinking now. Some of the images are not in the right color palate, but hopefully you get the idea.

Starting at top left: pumpkin aisle, cake table, milkglass centerpiece, love pumpkin, tree and outdoor fireplace are person photos from the venue, color scheme, chalkboard signs, boutonniere, colorful soda, s'mores bar, bridesmaids in cardigans

Here is my convo with FH about all this:

Mr PB: oh here it is
looks good to me
what's up with those rainbow bottles
are we going to have several flavors of soda bottles

me: YES
isnt that FUN
we can have like sun drop and cheerwine and like, whatever else in glass bottles
cute huh?

Mr PB: yeah
that's good

Hee hee hee. He loves it! What do you think about my inspiration board?

1 comment:

  1. Love this! I just went to wedding a few weeks ago with the pumpkins down the aisle...mums...all set in a gorgeous barn/valley...can't wait to see how yours comes together!

    :) E