Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Too freaking cute not to use!

As I was perusing Anthropologie looking for all the things I want to register for, you know, for my Common Decency Be Damned post, I found these.

One could use them for a guestbook...or have folks write their well wishes and then have a friend or family member send them throughout the first year of marriage, which is what I think we might do since I already have a guestbook idea (calm down, I'll share it with you soon).

OR, one could just hang them from a clothesline as decoration. Cute, no?

OR! Use as table names! For a bride and groom who really likes to read! We really like to read!!!

Man, there are a lot of wedding ideas for these little suckers.

OMG. Invitations! Save the dates! OK, it seriously never ends.

Does anyone else see everyday random things and instantly turn it into wedding merch? Do you love these postcards as much as I do???


  1. OMG! I saw these in Anthropologie when I was in there the other day and wanted to buy them! So cute!!

  2. Those are so awesome! My husband would love them. Great find!

  3. So adorable.

    I think the medical term is "bride brain"... it's when every item, every event, every idea could be turned into the most amazing wedding detail...

  4. I also saw these at Anthro and needed them. NEED THEM.