Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Common Decency Be Damned!

Previously you read about my old age and how I had already accumulated a bunch of useful junk. This is the follow up post you've been waiting [with bated breath] for.

Yep, this one's all about what I would register for if factors like landfills filling up and societal courtesy didn't exist. Just call me Veruca. Veruca Salt.

I love that the caption says "Veruca shows her love for material things."

First, I want some brightness!

Next, add some whimsy!
Is there a way to register for mismatched but still coordinating china? Wait a sec...that's a brilliant idea! Get That Vintage Look registry! Too bad this exists already...check out Miss Tartlet's post or jump straight to the Antiquaria site!

Throw in something practical, useful, yet so lovely...
Built-in book shelves
I heart built in bookshelves way more than the average person.
Aren't these lovely and so functional?

Not having built in bookshelves is the main flaw in our home. That, and it'd be nice to have a wider front porch. And a larger entryway. And a mud room off the garage that we also don't have. And a screened in back deck. So add all those things to the registry too.

I'd also like to register for some cash. I know it's crass and tacky and all that, but it wouldn't be cash for just any purpose. It'd be cash for these...
How great would it be if, on the day of our wedding, we could pay off my student loans???

Back to stuff.

I'd like to register for this rug, and I'd like our cat Isabella to never pee on it.
Anthropologie Finnia rug here

A fabulous bed.

And tons of holiday decor! I love decorating for the holidays!

What would you register for if you were a Veruca?


  1. Maria, it comes in different colors too! You would think I worked for Anthropologie or something, huh? ;-)

  2. Perhaps if you do as Veruca does and stamp your feet and holler in your best Brit accent: "I want it NOW Daddeee!!!" Bookcases, mismatched china and cat pee-free rug should magically appear!