Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm Old and I Already Have Flatware

Ummmmm, I'm not sure what to do about this whole registry thing. You see, I am 30 and Mr. Magic is too. We aren't really old as the title of this post suggests...I mean, he's in the living room killing zombies as I type, and I get carded all the time (I mean, not all the time, just on the really rare occasions when I drink). How old can we be?!?

But...we are 30. We have lived in sin for some time now. And, I like to decorate and eat. If one combined all these facts and lifestyle choices, one (ok, I) would wind up with this:

-Approximately 4 sets of dishes. One Mr. M bought without consulting me (WTF, I know, right?).They are fine but kind of dark and manly. One is from my college years. One is my grandmother's set of dishes. Oh, and at FMIL's house there is a full set of china waiting for us that is Mr. M's Aunt's china.

-Novelty dishes. You know, like dishes with shoes on them, or dishes from the $1 bin at Target that have metropolitan cities on them (Paris! New York!)

-LOST drinking glasses. I got these as a birthday present one year. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love me some LOST...but I don't really want to set our Thanksgiving Day table with pint glasses depicting the different hatches from the LOST Island.

-A blender, a toaster oven, a coffee maker, a food processor, a microwave, a griddle, cupcake pans, cupcake carrier, and cupcake stand, and baking pans of all shapes and sizes. We have 3 pizza cutters and corn on the cob holders. And other random kitchen crap.

-A brand new set of pots that I won at a Bridal Fair. Yippee!
Lowest Price Simply Calphalon SA10H Nonstick Hard Anodized 10 Piece Cookware Set Sale

As you can see, we have a lot of stuff. We don't really need anything. All of these things are functional and adequate.

So, if we were to register, what would we ask for? Possibly a honeymoon registry, although I am not sure we will be able to afford to go anywhere even with the assistance of a registry.
Hi guests, I'd like 7 nights here!

Or, we could register for larger ticket items, like new furniture or a patio set. Seems a bit more greedy though than asking for, like, a pot holder (which we have enough of, thanks so much).

We could do the charity thing but honestly, I'm not that benevolent. FH and I both have careers that focus on helping others, and we both volunteer and donate to causes we believe in. Call me greedy and selfish, but I want some gifts!
Gifts from Crate and Barrel!
(Disclaimer: Even though of course I know that by getting married,
I am not entitled to any gifts and after all,
our guests' presents,
oops! I mean
our guests' presence
at our ceremony and reception is gift enough).

I'm not sure what my hang up is. I'm the person who starts making her Christmas List right after Halloween is over. And no, I'm not talking about what I need to buy for others...I'm talking about what I want to ask for. In fact, I am generally making a mental list all year long. What can I say? I like stuff. It is, after all, the American Way.
How very patriotic of you! source

OK wait...I do know what my hang ups are. I feel it's not very green of us to ask for new things just because the old ones are bumming me out. Plus, I feel greedy asking for a ton of stuff that I would probably not buy myself (because I can't afford those things). Like, one pot that costs 85$? A fancy shmancy knife for God only knows how much? We don't need those things.

So that's what it boils down to I guess...want vs. need. It's a concept I don't understand well, I admit.

Enough blathering! In the next post, I'm gonna tell you what I want to register for, economy and environment and common decency be damned! But until then, what's on your registry? And has anyone ever had this many thoughts about asking for stuff?


  1. Honeymoon registries are becoming more and more common and acceptable, and if we didn't need stuff, I'd totally go for that. I mean, the chance to take a dream vacation!? Perfection!

    We need so much stuff I seriously registered for a cheese grater...

  2. This post cracks me up--I stressed out so much recently about who to invite to my baby shower because as we all know showers = buy me gift parties. I have recently been invited to several weddings where my thoughts were "Oh, I didn't know they were getting married. I don't really care. Crap, now I need to buy them a gift." I REALLY didn't want any one to get a shower invite and have even one of those thoughts, but I also worried about leaving someone off the list and their feelings being hurt.

    I personally love having registries to buy from--that way I know I am getting something the couple wants and needs (or can easily return for something they want or need!)

    I laughed out loud at y'all having three pizza cutters--that's so Jim.

    It might be worth it to register for "higher end" version of some of your kitchen things--things that would theoretically last longer/be more durable. Then you can donate the duplicates. You should register for some things that are more expensive than you would normally purchase (like nice sheets and towels!!)

  3. We registered to upgrade most of our stuff. A lot of our kitchen stuff was as old as I am, and therefore falling apart/rusted/dull/whathaveyou. So we upgraded, tossed the really crappy, unusable stuff, and donated stuff that was still in decent condition. We ended up with 3 enormous boxes of dishes and glasses to put out for pickup by the Purple Heart Foundation. We also did a honeymoon registry - registered for excursions to make our trip "more memorable." People have really loved the honeymoon registry - we now have so many excursions we're not sure we're going to have time to do them all! But the nice thing about honeyfund (the site we used) is that it's basically a cash gift, so whatever we don't use for the honeymoon we'll put into savings for future home projects. Double-score!

  4. knives. Good ones will CHANGE the way you work in the kitchen! And you can register for fun things too, like camping gear and board games!

  5. @Kristin...I didn't think we had a cheese grater so the other day I started cutting up some cheese by hand (I know right?) but then FH came in and said "Why aren't you using the cheese grater?"

    @Amanda..Yes, we have every pizza item, and duplicates of most.

    @Emma, wow, I didn't know the honeyfund converted to cash if unused! That's great. Although I think we would use the cash to like, pay off the wedding bills, which is practical but not really FUN, you know?

    @Tova, I have heard that about knives but I really hate cooking! But camping gear, or an outdoor fire pit, I'm definitely feeling that!