Friday, October 1, 2010

If you google "questions to ask a doc"... get sites that lead you to these types of questions:

What do you think is causing my problem?

What is the likely course of this condition?

What is the long-term outlook with and without treatment?

If my symptoms worsen, what should I do on my own? When should I contact you?

Are you aware of each of the medications that I am taking?

Unfortunately, I was not looking for questions to ask this type of doc.

I was looking for questions to ask this type of DOC! or

A Day of Coordinator, of course! it "of course?" In wedding world it is. All us insane, obsessed, and slightly deranged brides-to-be know the acronyms for everything from FH to DOC. We know that calling someone a BM is not an insult, and we love looking at STDs. But some folks don't know what a DOC is...even when it's spelled out for them.

Check out this gchat convo with Bridesmaid Bunny. I love her.

me:im researching day of coordinators now
Bunny: ooh what are those
me: instead of like, a total planner
its someone who runs the day of and the rehearsal, but normally they start working with you a couple of months outthey confirm all your vendors, take care of payment and tips, run the show, and generally make life stress free
Bunny: ha
i didn't even know there is such a thing
sounds amazing
how much are they
you know what you could do if you wanted to go cheap
get an intern how funny would that be
a wedding intern
me: haha
i found a few between 975 and like 1400
Bunny: hmm
that seems like a lot
god i would do it for that much
me: well, they are there like 9 hours on the day of the wedding, at least 3 hours the day before, plus other meetings, phone calls and stuff ahead of time
so it works out to like 75$ an hour or so
Bunny: hmm ok
maybe i need a new job

i am organized, diplomatic yet bitchy when needed

Just a reality check: wedding world is a fun place but not necessarily a NORMAL place.

Anyways, turns out questions to ask a medical doc and a wedding doc are about the same.

1. What do you think is causing my problem, which specifically is that [I've been having migraines] or [I'm stressed about my outdoor venue and the whole tent rental, rain option, heater issue debacle].

2. What is the likely course of this condition, because I'm wondering [how to prevent these migraines and make them go away quickly if I do get them] or [if I can find a reasonable and cost efficient solution or if I made a huge mistake in picking an outdoor venue and if I should just go bury my head in the sand again ohmygod I think I'm having a panic attack good thing you are like a medical doctor].

3. What is the long term outlook with or without [treatment] or [your fixing everything and relieving all my stress]?

4. If my [migraines] or [anxiety/stress/financial situation/mishaps/weather catastrophes/etc.] worsen, what should I do on my own? When should I contact you?

5. Are you aware of each of the medications I am taking [for my currently bridal psychotic induced state]?

See? Medical Doctor and DOC. Same, same.

Are you using a DOC? Did you pay for one or is someone you know and love doing it for free?
What do you think a reasonable rate for a DOC is?


  1. p.s. Y'all, I seriously have been getting migraines. They started about a year ago, and it is the worst pain I have ever experienced. I am totally freaked about getting a migraine on THE BIG DAY (haha, I like to mock that experession for some reason). I'm going to see my doc(tor) on Tuesday.

  2. Hehe, this is a cute post! I wish we could afford a DOC!

  3. This post made me giggle. Good luck with the migraines. I suffered daily migraines for about 9 months until I finally saw a headache specialist. What works for me (and obviously it's different for everyone) is Topamax and magnesium supplements. And Excedrin migraine is my BFF when I do get the occasional one these days. Good luck!